Leadership and Student Organizations


Students do the Petey Shuffle at Get on Board Day Fall 2021.  


BullsConnect is where you will find all of your information on student organizations and events on the USF St. Petersburg campus.


who can use BULLSCONNECT?

Everyone with a USF NetID who is a currently enrolled student or USF St. Petersburg faculty/staff can use BullsConnect.

Is BULLSCONNECT how I will get all of my information?

Yes; all student organization functions related to browsing, joining, or creating an organization will be in BullsConnect.

How do I search or join an organization?

Go to this website and click on “Log In” at the top, choose the USF St. Pete community and create your profile.

Click “Browse Organizations” and request to join those of your choosing.


Bull Points are not just fun and entertaining – they’re profitable! Listed on BullsConnect are all the approved events. For each program a student RSVPs and attends (and checks in to the event), they will receive Bull Points. Students can collect Bull Points until the end of each semester (Fall and Spring).

how do I receive Bull Points?

To receive Bull Points, students must RSVP on BullsConnect and check into an event. 

Where can I use the points?

Students can trade in their accrued Bull Points for USF Swag! Stop by the LSO office in SLC Suite 1700 to claim your prize! 

How many points do I have?

Students are encouraged to check their credited Bull Points through BullsConnect by viewing "My Activity"-"My Points."