The Department of Student Life & Engagement exists to provide out-of-classroom opportunities. The mission of the Department of Student Life & Engagement is to facilitate the educational process by providing opportunities for students, faculty and staff to interact in a variety of experiences and environments.  Staff members strive to promote student growth and development through student involvement in diverse co-curricular cultural, social, educational and recreational activities.

Student Life programs complement the academic programs of study and enhance the overall educational experience of students through the development of and exposure to social, cultural, recreational and governance programs.

Students involved in Student Life programs will find themselves thriving in an environment which emphasizes these qualities:

  • Encouragement and aid in the development of social, cultural, intellectual, recreational and governance programs that expand involvement with the campus community and society.
  • Confidence to explore self-directed activities that provide opportunities for self-realization and growth in individual and group settings.
  • Exposure to various cultures, ideas, values, issues, art and other diverse opportunities.
    Information about institutional policies and procedures and how these are related to students’ lives and activities.
  • Assistance in the awareness and utilization of campus facilities and other resources.
  • Aid in the development of institutional spirit and pride through creative interaction among students, staff, faculty and members of the local community; and
  • Encouragement in the development of leadership through opportunities to practice leadership, decision-making and other related skills.