Student Life Marketing

Printing Requests

Student Life & Engagement offers digital media assistance in addition to flyer and poster printing for student organizations. 

Digitial Media Assistance

If your student organization needs assistance with flyer creation, contact SLE's Marketing Assistant. SLE's Marketing Assistant can create flyers ready for print or digital sharing (Instagram, digital screens across campus). 

  • Flyer request submissions must be submitted at least two weeks in advance from date needed.
  • Please provide a copy of all the text that will be on the flyer. 
  • Include any additional information, graphics, ideas you'd like to see on the flyer.
  • Provide what dimensions you need the flyer.

Flyer and Poster Printing

  • The Office of Leadership and Student Organizations prints up to 20 full color flyers (8.5X11 dimensions) for each active student organization per week. 
    • Active means student organization is registered in BullsConnect and with LSO.
  • Student Life and Engagement operates a large poster printer that student organizations & departments can utilize to print large posters for marketing needs. 
    • Student Organizations can print up to 3 posters per week.
    • Campus Departments can print posters for a minimal cost of $15 per poster.
  • Please submit this form for flyers and large poster printing needs. 
    • All flyers and posters must be submitted through this form. Flyers and posters will not be printed unless submission is accepted and reviewed. 
  • Any questions about the printing can be directed to Kyle Grosskopf at