Leadership and Student Organizations




The Office of Leadership & Student Organizations at USF St. Petersburg seeks to empower students to enhance their aptitude as leaders and understand how they can make a difference, whether as positional leaders or active participants in a group or community process. The office strives to engage all students in purposefully designed leadership programming and experiential learning opportunities that support the mission of USF St. Petersburg, along with being a hub for student organizations. The Office helps students:

  • Grow integrity, character, and self-awareness
  • Identify core passions
  • Foster collaborative relationships
  • Set positive examples
  • Effectively lead in diverse contexts
  • Positively impact the community

There are 80 registered student organizations at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg! From academic, professional organizations and special interest groups to honor societies and multicultural student organizations, there are so many ways to get involved!
For more information about student organizations, you can search the student organization listing on PeteSync or contact LSO by emailing us, calling 727-873-4532 or visiting the office in the Student Life Center, room 1700.

student with Rocky at get on board day



  • Regular use of University facilities: buildings, grounds, services (some may have fees for use)
  • Ability to apply for cabinet/mailbox space in the Student Life Center
  • Ability to request funds from Student Government if SG policies and criteria are met
  • Participation in Get On Board Day, the Student Organization Fair
  • Participation in Annual Involvement Awards
  • Positively impact the community


Go to this website and click on “Log In” at the top, choose the USF St. Pete community and create your profile.

Click “Browse Organizations” to ensure the organization you wish to start doesn’t already exist. If not then you need to complete these steps.

  • Have a minimum of five members, including a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer
  • Have a Student Organization Advisor (Faculty, Graduate Assistant, or Professional Staff member)
  • Have a current constitution with a clear purpose and required verbatim statements on file – must meet the USF St. Petersburg Guidelines, which can be found in the LSO portal on PeteSync
  • Complete New Student Org Training – visit the LSO portal on PeteSync for training dates each semester
  • Complete EMS Training to reserve spaces on campus

Student Organization Handbook


Who can use PeteSync?

Everyone with a USF NetID who is a currently enrolled student or USF St. Petersburg faculty/staff can use PeteSync.

Is PeteSync how I get all my information?

Yes; all student organization functions related to browsing, joining, or creating an organization will be in PeteSync.

How do I search or join a student organization?

Go to this website and click on “Log In” at the top, choose the USF St. Pete community and create your profile.

Click “Browse Organizations” and request to join those of your choosing.

Pete's Points

What is it?

Pete Programs are not just fun and entertaining – they’re profitable! Listed on PeteSync are all the “Pete Approved” events. For each program a student attends (and signs-in or slides their USF ID at), they will receive Pete Points. Students can collect Pete Points until the end of each semester (Fall and Spring).

How can I get it?

To receive Pete Points, students must attend the programs listed on PeteSync and register their attendance. After the program, the program presenter will forward the attendance sheet to the Leadership & Student Organization (LSO) office and marked students will be credited with Pete Points.

Where can I use it?

Students can use their accrued Pete’s Points at each end-of-semester event. At the end of each fall and spring semester Pete has an event where an auction takes place. This is where students can come and use their points they gained over the semester to bid for items. Prizes at Pete’s Auction typically include Blu-Ray players, Nooks, Busch Garden passes, Adventure Island passes, movie passes, movies, video games, gift certificates, event tickets, USF St. Petersburg Spirit items, and more! Pete Points expire at the end of semester, and do not roll over.

Pete's Auction

Pete’s Auction is held at the end of the each semester in the University Student Center Ballroom. This is the chance for students to compete for prizes by bidding with their Pete Points that they have been accumulating during the semester.

How many points do I have?

Students are encouraged to check their credited Pete Points through PeteSync. Programs are typically credited to student accounts after five business days. If students notice a program is missing after this time-frame, they can access a “Pete Points Dispute Form” on PeteSync.


What is a co-curricular transcript?

The Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) is an official document that records verifiable student involvement that occurs outside of the classroom. Choose from activities, awards, and programs in a variety of categories to be included on your transcript. If you are involved in a student organization, your involvement will automatically be recorded on your co-curricular transcript if you choose.

The CCT provides you with official documentation of your involvement with co-curricular activities and service during your college career.

Requesting a CCT or CCT Activity Request

Students who are interested in requesting a co-curricular transcript and faculty/staff who are interested in submitting a co-curricular transcript activity request should do so through PeteSync, the online management system for student organizations.