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Traditions (Homecoming Week and USF St. Petersburg Week)

Join the Traditions Committee to be a part of creating our campus traditions! In the fall semester, help plan the festivities of homecoming week as well as start the initial planning of USF St. Petersburg campus Week. During the spring, finalize the week events and look forward to the results of our teamwork! Getting involved with the Traditions Committee is a fantastic way to be immersed in the USF St. Petersburg campus community. In addition to offering events to your fellow bulls, being a part of this committee gives you the chance to be a part of our campus’s legacy.

Performances (Movie Theater Rent-out, Screen on the Green, Performers, Magicians, Comedians, etc.)

Create and execute events that host stage acts and films. Some of the most popular events  are our Screen-on-the- Green showings, the movie theatre rentals, and any comedians or magicians we bring onto campus. There are many ways you can get involved on the performances committee, from helping brainstorm new event ideas to managing important tasks that are crucial to the day of the event. If you want to learn how to plan large campus events or have a hand in how they are executed this is the perfect committee for you

Marketing and Design (Harbor Market, Promotional Items, Flyers, Logos, Shirt Designs, etc.)

Marketing: Marketing involves getting your events out there and interacting with the community. Get involved in helping market events and brainstorm creatives strategies to engage the students and faculty at the USF St. Petersburg campus by brainstorming ideas for promo items, flyer placements, etc!

Design: Get involved by helping design flyers and posters to promote events around and off campus!