Prevention Services

Rent a Bull-etin

The Wellness Center is now accepting requests for our Rent a Bull-etin boards!

This program is on hold.

Are you a Residence Life staff member or RA? Looking for an informative wellness bulletin board for your floor? Want a bulletin board, designed by health professionals, that gets the most accurate health messaging to your students?

The goals of the Rent A Bull-etin program are:

  • To collaborate meaningfully with Residence Life by providing medically accurate wellness education through innovative and creative bulletin boards
  • To increase awareness and knowledge of important college health issues among residents in RHO and USC

In each box, you will find a complete bulletin board relating to health and wellness, including instructions for the layout on your floor’s board. In order to receive a box, you must:

  1. When submitting your request below, be sure to fill out the form entirely!
    Select which box you’d like to rent for the month. (only 1 per RA per month, even if you oversee multiple floors)
  2. Take a picture of the board and tag it on social media (Facebook or Instagram on Instagram, and #rentabulletin on FB, Twitter or Instagram).
  3. Return ALL items, with minimal damage, at the end of the month back to the Wellness Center, SLC2200.
  4. Have your students fill out a short evaluation on the board you rented.
  5. If a box is returned with missing pieces or very damaged items, you will forfeit any future opportunities to Rent a Bull-etin from the Wellness Center. We hope this program gives you a chance to revive your creativity and share important health and wellness-related information with your students!

For questions or concerns about the Rent a Bull-etin program, please contact the Assistant Director, Prevention Services.