Faculty & Staff Services


The Wellness Center supports USF St. Petersburg campus faculty and staff by providing professional services that enhance the learning environment and interpersonal interactions across campus.  The following services are offered to faculty and staff.


Click here for a narrated 6-minute presentation you can show in class!


  • Try to set Canvas submission deadlines before midnight. Many students stay up late to submit assignments which compromises their length and quality of sleep. Help them out by setting an earlier deadline.
  • Prevention of health issues helps your students be more focused, more attentive, have more energy, and in general, be more successful in their academics. Health is tied to student success, so if you see a student who may be having mental health or physical issues, refer them to the Wellness Center.
  • There is a difference between a student who is triggered and a student who is in distress. Many times, a student who is experiencing emotional issues in class just needs you to listen! Don’t be afraid to just listen and let them know that you may have to report certain issues they disclose, but don’t feel like you immediately have to refer a student.
  • Finally, the Wellness Center has a lot of data on student health and wellness that we would love to work with you on for research, manuscripts, and sharing. If you have any ideas for wellness-related research projects, contact us to see how we can help!

Consultation Services

The Wellness Center is available to provide consultation services to faculty and staff. As members of the USF St. Petersburg campus community, you have numerous opportunities to interact with students. At times, these interactions may cause you concern, discomfort, or may interfere with your work or the education of other students. The Wellness Center is here to help you in these situations by providing consultation on issues related to the emotional and psychological well-being of individual students or other members of the university community. Consultations can be sought for:

  • Information, support, or referral assistance to EAP as needed
  • Assistance for helping or referring a student in distress to services
  • Assistance and campus support following a traumatic event on campus

Don't Cancel Class

Most faculty dislike having to cancel class when they have a professional or personal conflict. Now you won’t have to! The Wellness Center staff is available to cover your class by presenting on a number of topics that are relevant to college student. Even if you don’t need to cancel a class, you are always welcome to request any of these presentations for your classes throughout the year.

The Wellness Center staff is available to provide training to faculty and staff on a variety of topics to help facilitate their work and interactions with students as well as support our students and campus community.

Please view selection of presentations available. Presentations are typically 50 – 90 minutes in length, depending on the presentation and your class’s schedule. If the topic you are interested in is not listed, we may be able to customize a presentation or program to meet your needs.

Request a Presentation

Wellness Services


Biofeedback is a computer-based relaxation program utilized for stress and anxiety management. Faculty or staff members are welcome to using the biofeedback program during normal business hours, as long as the Wellness Room is available. If interested, please call the center at (727) 873-4422 (option 2) to schedule an orientation to biofeedback with one of our counselors.

Employee Assistance Program

The Wellness Center cannot provide counseling or health services to USF St. Petersburg campus employees. The USF Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers a wealth of practical, solution-focused resources and experience to help employees bring the many stresses of life back into balance.

The EAP offers online resources, confidential telephone consultations, referrals and assistance from licensed behavioral health professionals. The EAP is available at no cost to help make the changes necessary to reduce stress, strengthen relationships, increase productivity and improve the overall quality of life.

EAP can assist with the following challenges:

  • Managing stress
  • Handling relationship issues
  • Balancing work and life
  • Quitting tobacco, alcohol or drug use
  • Caring for children or aging parents
  • Exploring career development options
  • Dealing with conflict or violence
  • Working through grief and loss issues
  • Controlling depression and anxiety
  • Financial stressors
  • Legal issues

For free assistance, go to MagellanHealth or call 1-800-327-8705. Helpful resources are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.