Psychological Services

Clients Rights and Responsibility

To make your counseling experience as positive and professional as possible, we have outlined the counseling process and your rights and responsibilities as a client of the Wellness Center. Please take a few minutes to review this document. Please discuss any concerns you may have regarding this document with any Wellness Center staff member.


Information shared with your counselor will not be disclosed to anyone outside the Center’s professional staff without your written permission as required by Florida law except when an imminent danger to you or someone else exists, or if ordered by a court of law. In addition, your counselor is required by law to report any suspected or disclosed abuse of children under 18 years of age, and persons over the age of 60 or persons with developmental delays.


Your counselor will convey respect by keeping appointments or notifying you if changes need to be made, by minimizing changes in scheduling, by avoiding interruptions during counseling sessions, and by answering your questions about the nature of counseling.


Usually you will be assigned to a counselor immediately after your initial appointment. If the demand for counseling services is extremely high, your name may be placed on a waiting list until a counselor becomes available. You will be promptly informed if there will be a delay in your obtaining services.


In order to ensure excellent clinical care, your counselor may seek consultation with other professionals as needed. Your confidentiality will be protected by limiting the identifying information which is disclosed.


To provide you with the highest quality care, your counselor may discuss other treatment options with you, including referring you to community organizations that may better serve your needs.


Any questions or concerns regarding your treatment should be discussed with your counselor. If the issue is not satisfactorily resolved, you may contact the Center Director at 873-4422.