Psychological Services

Scope of Service

The Wellness Center’s role on campus is to provide holistic care for the physical, emotional, and social wellness needs of our students. We assist students by being a neutral source of support to help them achieve their academic goals. Specifically, we provide students the opportunity to access short-term episodic psychological treatment based on our stepped-care approach, evidence-based practices, and legal/ethical guidelines. We also offer crisis intervention, consultation, education, and psychiatry services to support the mental health needs of our students.  

Same-day appointments can be accessed during the hours of 9am-12pm and 1pm to 4pm Monday – Friday (per clinician availability).  Psychiatry appointments are accessible with limited availability.  We can also offer consultation services if we have limited staffing capacity or when the office is closed. We offer both in-person and virtual services as appropriate. 

The Wellness Center’s mental health services are time- and scope-limited. Therefore, students who need long-term treatment and support will typically be referred to community resources for more intensive, ongoing treatment. Likewise, students whose concerns necessitate a specific type of expertise that is not available in the Wellness Center may also be referred to other USF resources or community resources. Accessing services requires current and active enrollment at the St. Petersburg campus (some exceptions may apply). 

The following are examples of services NOT provided by the Wellness Center and will require referrals to community resources: 

  • Return to campus evaluations and/or documentation 
  • Involuntary Withdrawal evaluations and/or documentation 
  • Documentation for emotional support animals 
  • Medical detox for substance dependence  
  • Drug testing 
  • Medical stabilization for severe eating disorder concerns 
  • Psychological evaluation for the purpose of employment clearance 
  • Psychological evaluation for academic accommodations or disciplinary matters 
  • Forensic evaluations 
  • University mandated evaluation and/or treatment 
  • Services to fulfill students’ court-mandate assessment or treatment requirements 
  • Custody evaluations
  • Prescriptions for controlled substances (unless supported by appropriate documentation and psychiatrist approval) 

The nature and complexity of a student’s presenting concerns and the overall context are considered in making appropriate treatment recommendations. In situations where a student’s needs require a referral to community resources, the Wellness Center will frequently provide bridging services to help the student in managing their presenting concerns and provide support until the student is able to connect with the appropriate community resource. The Center is also able to coordinate care with the Student Outreach and Support (SOS) team, in order to provide maximum support with minimum disruption to academic progress. 

Welltrack Connect is a referral website University of South Florida St. Petersburg campus has partnered with to help students connect with off-campus mental health care providers. Sometimes off-campus care is recommended by the Wellness Center and sometimes it is a choice that students want to have as an option. Visit Welltrack Connect to search for providers who meet your particular needs. If you have any questions about how to seek out community services, please contact us.