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USF students trip to Africa

USF students bring portable solar/thermal technology to Africa

Several USF students got to experience the trip of a lifetime as they helped bring portable solar/thermal technology to nomadic tribes in Africa.

September 23, 2022Campus News

Jerri Edwards

$3.2 million awarded for the University of South Florida to contribute to development of blood tests for Alzheimer’s disease

USF received $3.2 million from the National Institute on Aging to investigate if Alzheimer’s disease can be detected early through simple blood tests. The funding will expand the Preventing Alzheimer’s with Cognitive Training study, with one of the labs on the St. Petersburg campus.

June 8, 2022Research and Innovation

Expressive writing reduces relationship conflict and aggression during pandemic, study finds

Expressive writing reduces relationship conflict and aggression during pandemic, study finds

Individuals who wrote about their relationship troubles during the pandemic from the point of view of a neutral observer had less conflict and aggression with their partner, according to new research from USF’s St. Petersburg campus.

August 5, 2021Research and Innovation

Kemesha Gabbidon

From mock doctor to real doctor, Kemesha Gabbidon fights for public health

Kemesha Gabiddon is a real doctor of a different variety. Rather than diagnose patients, she helps prevent the spread of infectious disease as a community health advocate and postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Psychology at USF’s St. Petersburg campus.

August 4, 2020Campus News, Research and Innovation

USF St. Petersburg campus

Psychology Professor Receives Fulbright Award to Collaborate on Pediatric HIV Prevention and Treatment Research

Psychology Professor Tiffany Chenneville has been awarded the Fulbright Canada Research Chair position to conduct research and enhance international collaborations at York University in Toronto, Canada during the spring 2021 semester.

June 30, 2020Research and Innovation

wine being poured into a glass

Fear and Stress about COVID-19 is Related to More Drinking, Survey Finds

People drank more during the COVID-19 quarantine than they did before the lockdown, as they grappled with stress and fear caused by the pandemic.

June 18, 2020Research and Innovation

V. Mark Durand

Renowned Autism Expert Named a University of South Florida Distinguished University Professor

V. Mark Durand, an internationally recognized expert in autism and related disorders and professor of psychology at the USF St. Petersburg campus, has been named a University of South Florida Distinguished University Professor.

May 15, 2020Research and Innovation

Tiffany Chenneville

USF St. Petersburg Appoints Psychology Professor to Endowed Chair in Ethics

USF St. Petersburg today announced the appointment of Professor Tiffany Chenneville as the Marie E. and E. Leslie Cole Endowed Chair in Ethics.

February 26, 2020Campus News

Adult woman reading a book to a young child.

Community Comes Together for Baby Talk Initiative and Listening to Babies Training to Shine a Light on Educational Bias that Starts Early

The Listening to Babies event targets a broad audience of professionals who work in education, child welfare and healthcare serving families in Pinellas County to recognize and address these biases.

February 19, 2020Campus News, Events

Kemesha Gabbidon

Community Program Seeks to Diminish Stigma around HIV in Order to Reduce Spread of the Disease

A new research grant will target the multiple stigmas surrounding HIV in Tampa Bay, with the goal of increasing health screenings and diminishing the spread of the disease.

January 7, 2020Research and Innovation

Professor Lindsay Rodriguez with USFSP students who work in her lab and her dog.

Researcher Develops Interventions to Address Alcohol Consumption in Young Adults and Couples

USF St. Petersburg professor is researching how problem drinking affects romantic relationships in younger adults, and devising interventions that can help individuals and couples struggling with this addictive behavior.

May 30, 2019Research and Innovation

USF St. Petersburg graduate student Jaclyn Dell conducts research in cognitive and physiological psychology.

Student is Awarded Fulbright to Pursue PhD in Psychology of Drug Addiction

USF St. Petersburg graduate student Jaclyn Dell’s upbringing inspired her to pursue research in drug addiction.

April 9, 2019Research and Innovation, Student Life

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