Academic Resources


The University of South Florida St. Petersburg campus blends a small campus experience with large university opportunities. In this environment, the campus academic community supports the transformative power of education, scholarship, research, and critical and creative thinking.

Academic Advising on Campus

The Academic Advising Center assists undergraduate students in developing an educational plan consistent with their life goals and objectives. We help students monitor their progress, make decisions based on accurate information, understand university policies and procedures, and understand all support services available through the university.

Office of the Registrar on Campus

Registration, grading, course information, student information records, convocation, academic policies and publications are among the items maintained or supported by the office.

Undergraduate Curriculum & Course Requests

The integrated USF Course Proposal site is used by faculty from across the USF to propose new courses or changes to existing courses. The site contains resources for faculty proposing courses, a database where all proposals (current and archived) can be tracked, and a the dashboard where faculty can propose their course(s).

Academic Scheduling & Space

We efficiently manage academic scheduling and space to benefit students, faculty and research by using the latest technology for accuracy and judicious instructional space utilization. The Final Exams Matrix will be available for the upcoming term approximately four (4) weeks prior to the start of the term.