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Watch the video for highlights from the Undergraduate Research Conference 2024 on the St. Peterburg campus.

USF conference showcases growth and breadth of undergraduate research

By Sarah Sell, University Communications and Marketing

Students representing nearly all majors gathered at one of three USF campuses from April 10-12 to present research projects they developed during the 2023-24 academic year. Around 50 students showcased their analysis and findings during the Undergraduate Research Conference held at USF St. Petersburg.

During the event, undergraduate students presented their projects on poster boards and engaged in discussions with faculty and peers. Subjects students focused on ranged from the psychological impacts of cancel culture to an in-depth look at a 1963 racially-charged murder case.

Freshman Victoria Drew looked at the impact of anesthesia and its role in regulating cancer and preventing neurotoxicity in children and animals.

“The biggest thing I learned from this project was about the research process. It’s a lot of work,” said Drew, a Biomedical Sciences major. “I didn’t know things like systematic reviews or meta-analyses existed. I have come to appreciate the process of coming up with a research question and sticking with it to create your own experimentation in the future.”

USF’s Undergraduate Research Conference is held annually to highlight the work students have done on subjects they are passionate about. The event helps build research and presentation skills.

“If there is something you’re passionate about and something you want to share, take a chance and do it. You are a part of a wonderful university that focuses on research,” said Karen Garcia-McGowan, assistant director for USF’s Office of High Impact Practices and Undergraduate Research.

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