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Traffic on a highway in Tampa Bay

Traffic reductions due to COVID-19 boost air quality in some states but not all

Dramatic decreases in traffic caused by COVID-19 shutdowns improved air quality in car-dependent states but didn’t offset additional forms of pollution in other parts of the country. The study, led by Yasin Elshorbany, an assistant professor of atmospheric chemistry and climate change at USF’s St. Petersburg campus, was published in the Journal of Remote Sensing.

February 8, 2021Campus News, Research and Innovation

Satellite image of the United States. Credit: NASA Goddard

Researchers partner with local high schoolers to study the effects of COVID-19 on air quality

Interdisciplinary researchers at USF’s St. Petersburg campus are investigating the pandemic’s effect on air quality in communities across Florida.

September 28, 2020Research and Innovation

Microplastic seen through a microscope

New Study Reveals Four Billion Particles of Microplastics in Tampa Bay Waters

A new study from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg and Eckerd College estimates the waters of Tampa Bay contain four billion particles of microplastics, raising new questions about the impact of pollution on marine life in this vital ecosystem.

September 9, 2019Research and Innovation

Waves crashing on a rock

Chemistry Professor to Gain New Insight on Climate Change by Studying the Ocean’s Spray

A USFSP chemistry professor plans to measure spray from the ocean’s waves in an attempt to unlock the secrets to fighting global climate change.

November 28, 2018Research and Innovation

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