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Why This Matters Resources
Want to stand out when applying for that internship, job, or opportunity on campus? Check out these resources and keep up with LSO for events to gain leadership skills.

Campus Involvement/Finding your Niche

Why This Matters Resources
Looking to find your niche, your people, your home? Look no further, there are plenty of ways to get involved on campus and find your crew.

Knowledge on Diversity, Inclusion, & Social Justice Topics

Why This Matters Resources
Surrounding yourself with different kinds of people is huge reason people attend college. But are you actively being inclusive of others or want to learn more about social justice topics? Check out these resources to join USF in being an inclusive place for everyone.

Becoming an Ally

Why This Matters Resources
Do you identify, or have someone in your life who identifies with the LGBTQIA+ community? How are you actively supporting that person or others in the USF community? Being a Bull means being an ally to all.

Fitness, Sports, and Recreation

Why This Matters Resources
Tired of being cooped up at home on the computer? Check out the awesome opportunities Campus Recreation has to get outside, get fit, meet people, and stay healthy!

Community Service & Volunteering

Why This Matters Resources
Whether you’re new to St. Pete or a long time resident, it’s always good karma to give back to the community you’re in. Get to know St. Pete, add some great things to your resume, and most importantly – volunteer your time to help others!

Studying Abroad

Why This Matters Resources
Looking for a once-in-a-lifetime international experience? Consider going abroad! You can align it with your major of study, create personal and professional networks, and add a unique experience to your resume. Not to mention, experiencing a new place and learning about other cultures is fun!
Topic Campus Resource Services
Find a Community & Gain Leadership Skills

Leadership & Student Organizations

(727) 873-4500

  • Gaining Leadership Skills 
  • Joining/ Starting a Student Organization 
  • Understanding BullsConnect 
Education and Training on Diversity, Inclusion, & Multicultural Topics

Office of Multicultural Affairs

(727) 873-4845

  • Office of Multicultural Affairs Programming Board (OMAPB) 
  • Student of Color Advisory Board (SOCAB) 
  • Safe Zone Ally Training 
  • Pronouns Training  
  • Diversity & Inclusion Three Part Series Training  
  • Multicultural Resource Library 
  • What's the Tea 
Get Involved with Campus Life Harborside Activities Board

(727) 873-4596

  • Homecoming 
  • USF Week 
  • Special Events 
  • Week of Welcome events 
  • Screen on the Green 
Get Fit & Stay Healthy

Campus Recreation

(727) 873-4589

  • Fitness 
  • Outdoor Recreation 
  • Sport Clubs 
  • Intramural Sports 
  • Aquatics & Safety 
Live On-Campus with Other Transfer Students

TRANSFERmation Residential Community – Housing and Residential Education

(727) 873-5101

  • Join a Community of other Transfer Students 
  • Attend Community Events 
  • Engage with Campus 
Volunteer with the St. Petersburg Community & Give Back!

Center for Civic Engagement

  • Community Scholar Program 
  • Internship Opportunities 
  • Engage with Community Partners 

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