Parent & Family Engagement

Parent & Family Engagement

welcome to the bull family!

We are thrilled your student has selected the University of South Florida St Petersburg for their college experience. Your family will find that USF St Petersburg is a special place filled with faculty and staff ready to help, coach, and support your student. 

Research shows that family involvement is critical to student success. We view YOU as a valued partner here at USF. We find that students benefit when they have family supporters who encourage them to take responsibility for their actions and experience.

We recognize your student’s decision to attend USF St. Petersburg is life-changing. The USF St. Petersburg campus offers opportunities for your student to achieve academic success, build relationships with peers, develop new interests, engage in the local community and more. As family members and friends of USF St. Petersburg students, this is also a time of transition for you all. Each family member’s experience is different. You may be empty nesters or maybe this is your first student heading off to college. You might be feeling various emotions - from apprehension to loss to enthusiasm for your student. These are all valid feelings for family members, and we are here to help you navigate each step of the transition with your student.

We are here to assist, guide, and walk alongside you during your journey as a USF family member. We are only an email or phone call away! Our team looks forward to the moments we will share throughout your student’s time at USF.

We provide families opportunities to:


Because of the geographic distribution of our campuses, USF supports our new students and family members from three offices.