Facilities Services

Work Request

Who is authorized to make a work request?

Only USF employees may submit a Work Request. Students wishing to submit a Work Request should notify their professor or college and ask that they submit the request on their behalf. Contractors wishing to submit a work request must contact the USF department that is overseeing them and ask that the department submit the request on their behalf. This includes the food service operation at USF St. Petersburg.

Students residing in University Student Housing must continue to submit Work Requests to the Housing Office or the RA on duty. Your request will be submitted using procedures established between Facilities Services and University Student Housing. Requests submitted directly to Facilities Services by on-campus residents will be denied and the student will be referred to Residential Education and Housing staff for assistance in submitting the request.

Priorities of Work requests

Your work request will be processed by our staff according to our priorities of work requests guidelines listed below. If you need to edit, cancel, or follow up on the status of your request after submitting, please forward your confirmation email to fs@usfsp.edu. Please allow at least 48 hours before following up on the work request status.

Maintenance or Custodial emergencies are situations which pose an immediate threat to health, life or safety, or may cause major damage to buildings, equipment, or property. DO NOT SUBMIT A WORK REQUEST ONLINE. Please call 873-4135 to report the emergency. After hours please contact University Police at 873-4140.

Urgent situations pose a threat (non-immediate)of personal injury, equipment damage, loss of research, or a serious disruption of University business. Whenever possible, rush work orders are handled as soon as possible after Emergency Work Requests.

Work orders for tasks that do not pose a threat to life, property, research or of serious disruption to the business of the University are regarded as Routine Work Requests. These requests are put in the job queue after Emergency and Rush Work Requests. They are processed in the order in which they are received. Large-scale Work Requests are redesigned as projects. Work Requests redesigned as projects may require several weeks or months to complete. Small Repair work requests are normally completed within a few days of being put into the queue, but availability of materials and unforeseen problems may delay completion. Work Requests related to specific events require scheduling far enough in advance to ensure completion by the date requested. This is usually a minimum of one month prior to the event.


  1. Log in to the MyUSF using your NetID.
  2. Click on Facilities Work Orders (FAMIS) under the Business Services tab.

If you need assistance submitting a work request using the FAMIS system, please contact Facilities Services at 3-4135.