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Thinking of hosting an event in Downtown St. Petersburg, consider our beautiful USF St. Petersburg campus! Want a glimpse of our meeting spaces before booking? No problem, check below for images of our meeting spaces or check our virtual venue tour of the University Student Center. For recognized USF St. Petersburg student organizations, room rental fees to book space in the University Student Center are covered by tuition and student fees. USF St. Petersburg affiliated departments and organizations are able to book at a reduced rate. Non-university organizations are also welcome to request space for a fee.

There are also outdoor spaces and other facilities available for rent at USF St. Petersburg campus. Check out our resources or contact us for more information!
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The USF St. Petersburg campus is now accepting event and meeting reservation dates.  Please use your Virtual EMS account to make your request online today.  

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The USF St. Petersburg campus is now accepting non-university event requests. Please e-mail or ask to speak with a Reservations Manager at 727-873-5180 to request a tour of our facilities. 

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Located in beautiful Downtown St. Petersburg, just a few blocks from Central Ave., the university is home to multiple summer camps, conferences, and interns every year.

We are now accepting 2023 Summer Internship Housing & overnight Camps & Conferences.

ROOMS AVAILABLE FOR EVENTS in the University Student Center


Description of Event Services

Event Services is located in the Administrative Office of the University Student Center (USC) and is responsible for the coordination of activities and events within the USC and other campus locations.

The services offered by the office include, but are not limited to:

  • venue reservations
  • event review
  • furnishing and arrangement of room setups
  • coordinating event staff, security, and University Police
  • coordinating audio visual services
  • assisting with catering and food services needs and release forms

General Guidelines for Space Rentals

General Guidelines for Space Reservation


• Other campus locations may be available through coordination with other University offices (i.e. Campus Recreation, Physical Plant, etc.) Event Services does not schedule classroom space for Student organization, departments, and non-university groups. If classroom space is needed in conjunction with Event Services managed spaces, the organization should make those arrangements separately.

• Patrons that request space in the USC or USC outdoor areas will send an event confirmation via email. The reservation confirmation itemizes rental rates, Audio/Visual Support and other support requirements. Your event is not considered confirmed until you confirm receipt of the email.

• Meeting and Event Services will reply within 7 working days with: confirmation, request for more information, or denial.

Definition of Client Groups

  • Student Organizations: Must be officially registered, and be in good standing, with the Department of Student Life and Engagement. Student Groups not registered with the Department of Student Life and Engagement will be considered a non-University entity. Student organization events are conceptualized, planned, and managed by a registered student organization and which support the mission and objectives of the organization. In addition, members of the student organization must be the original requesters, the primary organizers, and coordinators of the event.
  • University Departments: Must be officially recognized by the University as being a representative of USF St. Petersburg. University department events must consist of a minimum of 75% USF St. Petersburg students and staff and be conceptualized, planned, paid for and managed by current faculty/staff and which support the mission and objectives of the organization.
  • University Sponsored Events: Any event hosted by a University department or student organization not paid for and arranged by faculty, staff, or student.
  • Non University Entities: Any group or individual that is hosting an event that is not planned and executed by a USF St. Petersburg- affiliated group or does not further the mission, vision, or goals of USF St. Petersburg or its affiliates.

Submission Dates for Space Requests

Requests for Student Organizations and University Departments are due before the following (or closest USF St. Petersburg business day):

USF St. Petersburg campus Student Organizations:

Summer Semester – March 1st
Fall Semester – May 15th
Spring Semester – October 1st

USF University Departments, Tampa campus & Sarasota-Manatee Student Organizations:

March 15th for reservations in Summer semester
June 1st for reservations in the Fall semester
October 15th for reservations in the Spring semester

Exceptions are to be approved by the University Student Center Assistant Director or designee

Reservation Timeline
Reservation Requests must be received at a minimum:

Five (5) business days for any regular meeting requiring no review or special requirements – Including Information table requests
Ten (10) business days for all other events
Extended time frames may be required for large or complex events

Right to Reassign
Facilities are reserved in the order in which requests are received, with first consideration given to institutional needs and major annual events such as those related directly to the advancement of student life, academic success and University tradition (e.g., Homecoming, New Student Orientation or Welcome Week). Determination of which events are considered major annual events will be made by the Associate Director of the University Student Center, in consultation with the Director of Student Life and Engagement, Regional Associate Vice Chancellor and Chancellor’s office.

After the space requirements for institutional needs and annual major University events have been met, requests for reservations are filled in the order in which they are received following a schedule of access based on user category (See Reservations procedures and timelines). The staff of the University Student Center reserves the right to assign, and if necessary, reassign facilities considering the size of the group, type of program, and space available to assure the maximum and most appropriate utilization of space.

Fronting occurs when an on-campus organization is used to represent primarily the interests of an off-campus group or university department. The University Student Center does not recognize co-sponsorship between non-University groups and student organizations or campus departments when the co-sponsorship seeks to reduce applicable costs for facilities or services. Student organizations or university departments should not use their privileges for access to the USC spaces inappropriately to “front” for another organization in order to avoid or reduce rental rates. Student organizations and university departments can only reserve space for events which they directly sponsor, are integrally involved in, and will be present at the event. Users that misrepresent an event or affiliation in order to avoid fees and charges will be charged appropriately, may incur additional charges, and may have reservation privileges suspended.

Hiding or concealing the identity of the true client due to non-eligibility for use of facilities, monetary exemptions, or the policies and mission of The University of South Florida St. Petersburg and the Department of Student Life and Engagement is not permitted. Fronted events provide an unfair advantage to an otherwise controlled process and creates an inability to manage the established method for space reservations and billing.

Student Organizations and University Departments hosting events are not permitted to utilize space without a charge if a registration fee, entry fee, or any revenue is collected at the event. In this case, university organizations will be subject to the University Sponsored rate.

Any event (including information tables) will be considered as being “fronted” for an external source if:

• The space is being requested or has been confirmed for an internal user but the payment is submitted or received from and external source. This includes local businesses, national branch of the requesting organization, any corporation, private individual, etc.

• Set-up instructions for an internal reservation or request are received from an external source.

• An internal request is placed solely for the gain of an external user to receive internal rates. The event does not reflect the mission, service, or programmatic goals of the requesting organization/department.

The University Student Center staff will make the determination as to fronting by considering the nature of the event, past experience with respect to similar events, type, and the nature of attendees. Penalties for violation of the Fronting Policy include the following:

• University departments and Student Organizations fronting will be charged the maximum applicable rate

• Student Organizations will be subject to the loss of reservation privileges for a period of time to be determined the Director of Student Life and Engagement or his/her designee

General Reservation Guidelines
Event Reviews: All reservations may be subject to an event review and approval by the University Student Center Assistant Director, or designee.

Events that require a review include, but are not limited to these situations:

• Food is provided

• Alcohol is served

• Event is outdoors

• 20 or more attendees are expected

• Fire, grills, fireworks, etc. will be used

• Extended services will be needed (i.e. University Police or Physical Plant)

• Client will have food from an outside vendor

• Events held outside USC area

Fees & Pricing
Non-University affiliates are assessed fees in accordance with the non-University Fee Schedule.

Patrons must submit a 50% Non-Refundable Deposit to reserve USC space and the remaining balance must be paid off no later than 5 business days prior to the event. Failure to pay the balance will lead to cancellation of the event.

Cancellation and all other policies and procedures are addressed in the event contract which will be signed and executed in order for the event to be considered definite and confirmed.

Student Organizations who are officially registered are not assessed rental fees for USC venues if the:

Event is conceptualized, planned, and managed by the student organization for students

Event supports the mission and objectives of the organization

Members of the student organization must be the original requesters, the primary organizers, and coordinators of the event

Student organizations will be assessed for rented equipment and event support costs.

University Police and/or USC security may be required in accordance with University or EMS policies and reflect an additional cost. Event support costs/ needs will be determined by USC Assistant Director or designee.

Cancellations will be accepted by Reservation Services up to seventy-two (72) hours before an event. Events held in the USC ballroom, must be canceled at least two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled event date in order to avoid cancellation fee.

All patrons that do not cancel prior to seventy-two (72) hours will be assessed a late cancellation fee for rental space and support services.

Patrons with multiple late cancellations may lose reservation privileges for all USC event space.

University Departments/ Organizations are assessed fees in accordance with the University department rate Schedule.

University Departments/Organizations and related entities are assessed rental, AV support service fees per pricing schedules.

Reservations are to be submitted online,  within appropriate time frame (please refer to the Reservation Timeline).

Requests with direct benefit to the University mission, as determined by the Associate Director may be scheduled in advance.

Cancellations will be accepted by Reservation Services up to seventy-two (72) hours before an event. Events held in the USC ballroom, must be canceled at least two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled event date in order to avoid cancellation fee.

All patrons that do not cancel prior to seventy-two (72) hours will be assessed a late cancellation fee for rental space and support services.

Early Open, Late Close, and Overtime Charges
Facilities are available for the specified USC building hours. Organizations are asked to request any needed setup or take down time as part of their reservation. A request from an organization to enter a facility before the beginning of the reservation time, or remain in the facility after the reservation tine, may be denied or incur early/late charges.

Audio/Visual Equipment Usage & Staffing Procedures
The USC provides audio/visual equipment and personnel services.

Reservation Services has a variety of audio/visual equipment available for use within the USC and outdoor areas.

Requests for equipment must be made at least seven (7) business days prior to the event.
An organization may cancel an equipment order or staffing request up to two (2) business days prior to an event without penalty.

Equipment orders or staffing requests canceled with less than two (2) business days’ notice will be charged to the organization’s account at the regular rate, even if the equipment is not used.

Technicians will also be required in other venues when multiple types of technologies are requested, such as microphones, sound systems, lighting, etc. There will be a per hour charge for technicians in these situations.

• Fire Regulations: All decorative materials must be flame proof and/or fire retardant.

• No decorations may be hung from the ceiling, placed in offices, rooms or lounges in a manner that will interfere with safe passage or evacuation.

• No decorations shall be placed in hallways, aisles, stairwells, or exit routes.

• All exits must be free of barricades.

• Exit signs, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire pull alarms, emergency lights, and audible fire signals/strobe lights cannot be decorated, covered, or obstructed in any way.

• Any extensive electrical power usage must be approved by EMS.

• Caution must be taken to keep all paper or cloth free from light fixtures.

• The use of candles, incense, lanterns, oil lamps, and other devices with open flame is forbidden.

• No nails, screws, hooks, etc., may be driven into any walls, floors, or ceilings. Tape may not be used on floors unless it is designated as “floor tape”. Floor Tape will be provided upon request. Regular masking, box, or duct tape is not permitted on any walls, floors, or ceilings.

• Tables do not come with tablecloths. This is an extra fee and must be reserved with your event planner.

• Any freestanding decorations must be stable in nature and lightweight in construction.

• Balloons are allowed, but must be weighted or tied to centerpieces/chairs. Any balloons that become loose will incur fees.

• No decorations may be glued to any surface. No pins or tape may be used to adhere posters, paper, etc., to the walls, ceiling, drapes, floor, tables, etc.

• Dry ice is not allowed in the USC without prior approval by EMS and must be handled by a licensed caterer.

• Electric lights can be used as long as they are used in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

• No glitter or confetti (plastic or paper) may be used.

• Smoke machines (or similar devices emitting visible gas vapors) may not be used.

• No fresh cut trees are ever permitted in the USC and other facilities on campus.

• Painting is prohibited within the reservable spaces inside the USC.

Decorating plans not addressed within this policy must be review with EMS staff prior to the event. Decorations must be removed immediately after the event. Failure to do so with incur a clean-up fee

Violation of any of these policies may result in suspension of facility reservation privileges. Additionally, any damages done will be repaired by the USC and the client will be billed for all costs incurred on the basis of materials required and staff time.

Music & Sound
• Limited Amplification is allowed in USC Indoor & Outdoor Areas with prior approval and will be monitored by USC staff.

• The volume must not be at a level greater than is necessary to reach the audience in the immediate area; it must not be of such a volume as to reasonable interfere with those who are pursuing academic, professional, personal or other recreational activities.

• Non-amplified music such as piano or a cappella singing in meetings rooms should be kept to a low volume so as not to disturb meetings in adjacent rooms. If the USC receives noise complaints, the group may be asked to stop the music at that time.

Closed Day
The USC is subject to the University holiday schedule and as such events will not be scheduled on days the University is closed.

Late Requests
Requests that are made after the acceptance processing constraints (refer to Reservation Timeline) will be accepted up to the discretion of the Assistant Director or designee. If an appropriate room is available, it may be assigned, but special services may not be available. Special services include changes in room arrangements or requests for audio-visual equipment.

Special Services
Some events may require special services, which must be arranged through other University departments.

Examples of special services for which there is a normally a charge includes:

Catering: Charges for catering will be incurred based on the organization’s contract with University Dining Services

Parking: Events that will attract non-students or student from non-USF campuses will need to have parking arrange, rental charges will be levied in accordance with the Parking price list.

Physical Plant: Special equipment requests may be fulfilled by the Physical Plant. In these situations, rental charges will be levied in accordance with the Physical Plants price list.

Security: University Police will determine charges for security arrangements.
Outdoor Space Reservations

Reservations may be made for outdoor spaces adjunct to the USC. Available spaces include the USC Veranda, Harborwalk, USC Lawn, and USC East Patio.

Information Tables
Information tables in the USC and specified outside areas are available to registered Student Organizations, Departments and Non-University organizations (for a fee, and with approval).

• Requests for Information Tables are can be submitted online within appropriate time frame (please refer to the Reservation Timeline)

• All reservation requests will be in time queue to ensure each request is prioritized properly.

• Prospective users of the Information table space forfeit their space if not in use within one hour of the starting time specified on the reservation request form. Repeated failures to cancel a tabling reservation twenty-four (24) hours prior to contracted time may result in loss of privilege or use.

Failure to comply with Information table policies and/or the reasonable requests of USC staff may result in cancellation of the current and/or future Information table reservations.

Information Table Procedures
Tri-folds and displays may be setup on the Information table. Posting on walls, columns, and windows is not permitted.

• At least one member of the reserving organization/department must be present at the table for the duration of the reservation. Representatives must stay behind the Information table or within two feet in front of the kiosk.

• Distribution by means involving shouting, yelling, or physically approaching individuals is prohibited, as is any interference with normal functions or interruption of the free flow of traffic, inside or outside the USC.

• Commercial literature may not be distributed in the USC unless approval has been received from the USC administration.

• All literature distributed must clearly identify the organization or department. All individuals or organizations distributing literature will be held responsible for cleaning up litter resulting from its distribution.

• Credit card solicitation is not permitted.

• The use of any audio/visual equipment must be approved in advance by Event Services.

• Information tables must remain in designated area.

• Student Organizations may sell items, which are not in direct competition with items sold by the USF Bookstore, University Dining Services, or other service areas in the USC or on campus. If the item(s) to be sold are considered to be in direct competition, the activity may be subject to additional review by USC administration.

• The sale or distribution of any material that is racially or sexually offensive to members of the University of South Florida St. Petersburg community is not permitted.

• The sale or distribution of food items, including baked goods, drinks, candy, etc., is subject to approval by Student Life and Engagement. Other approvals may also be required, depending on the nature of the items offered.

Special Security Requirements
Generally, paid security, provided by USF St. Petersburg-PD, is required at large-scale events that may lead to the disruption of the University environment. Examples include events:

Where alcohol is available
With mostly non-USF students in attendance
Occurring during late evening hours
Open to the campus community
With a history of large attendance
The University Police will determine if there is a need for paid security, and the number of officers required.

The USC is not responsible for items left in the building, and storage space is not normally available for materials or equipment used in association with an event. Such items are the sole responsibility of the organization.

Federal copyright law restricts the showing of videocassettes, DVDs, video games and internet to private showings. Public performance is prohibited without prior written consent of the holder of the copyright.

A public performance includes, but is not limited to showing a motion picture (DVD, video, internet):

  • in a location open to the public
  • to a selected group of people gathered in a location not open to the public (i.e. residence hall floor or lounge)
  • by broadcast or transmission
  • Student organizations choosing to publicly show a motion picture in any form (film, VHS video, DVD, internet, etc.) must secure a license from a booking agency.

Alcohol Policy
The use of alcoholic beverages by members of the USF St. Petersburg community is at all times subject to the alcoholic beverages laws of the state of Florida, Pinellas County and the City of St. Petersburg. The full University Alcohol Policy can be found here.

Student Organizations and University departments are allowed to bring outside food and beverage into the USC. Both the organization and departments must first complete a Food release form and have it approved by Assistant Director or designee.

External Catering Services

Should an external catering service be used, the caterer must be approved by completing the Catering application and submitting it and subsequent documentation to the Reservation Services office on an annual basis. Based on the information provided the Assistant Director or designee will either approve or deny the caterer.

Should the caterer fail to meet the USC accepted policies and procedures they can be removed from the University facilities at any time. The University will not be held accountable for caterers’ actions and subsequent cancellation of events for caterers failing to adhere to policies and procedures.

Non-university affiliates my not utilizes an external catering services or bring in any outside food and beverage at any time.

Facility Charges

Student organizations and university department events scheduled at the University Student Center who utilize external catering services will incur an additional 10% facility fee on all catered food and beverage to be paid by the catering vendor.