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Key Card Purchase Request


A key card (or fob) is required to get into many buildings and rooms on the USF St. Petersburg campus. You may be required to purchase a key card to gain access to your office or classrooms. 

Using your USF ID Card For Building Access

Faculty, Staff, and Students

Campus Computing has started upgrading some buildings to the new card system which will use your USF ID card to gain access. Buildings that use your USF ID Card are Pelican Apartments/Residence Hall One (RHO), Ibis Hall/University Student Center (USC), Osprey Suites (RHT), and the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library.

UPDATE- As part of the Davis Hall second floor renovations, a new card access system was installed. Faculty and staff will now use their USF ID Card to access the second floor of Davis Hall.

Student Residents

Student residents use their USF ID Card to gain access to the Residence Halls. Residents should contact Housing and Residential Life with questions or issues accessing the buildings.

Proxy Key Cards

The rest of the campus still uses proxy key cards to access buildings and rooms. Key cards are purchased from Campus Computing.

NEW- Students accessing the HBR building and rooms should follow the instructions found on this page

Purchase a Key Card

Before purchasing a key card, check with your supervisor to determine if you will need a key card. To request a key card, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Key Card Authorization Form.
  2. Purchase the key card online and save a copy of the receipt (in PDF format).
  3. Submit the Key Card Authorization form and receipt to the Help Desk.
  4. You will be notified when your key card is ready for pickup at the Help Desk in Bayboro Hall (BAY) 226.

It is your responsibility to notify Campus Computing immediately in the event of a lost key card so it can be disabled. To replace a lost or damaged card, you will need to purchase a new key card and submit a copy of the receipt to the Help Desk.

ONLINE SUbmission of KEy Card Authorization Form and Key Card Receipt

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are my options for purchasing a key card (or fob)?

A new or replacement key card (or fob) can be purchased online or the department can pay to purchase the card by including the department chartfield information on the Key Card Authorization Form.


What should I do if I lose my key card (or fob)?


I bought a key card and then realized that I don't need it. How do I request a refund?

All sales are final. Campus Computing is unable to refund you for the purchase.


Can I use my PCard to purchase a key card for a new employee?

No, a PCard cannot be used to purchase a new or replacement card.


Which buildings will I use my USF ID card to access?

Students and staff will use their USF ID cards to access Residence Hall One, University Student Center, Osprey, and the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library. When the second floor of Davis Hall is open after renovations, the USF ID card will be used.


How do I request access to additional buildings and rooms?

Please contact your supervisor to request additional access. Your supervisor will need to submit a request to the Help Desk.


Do key cards expire?

Yes, student and adjunct cards (that have access to academic and administrative buildings) expire at the end of each semester. Before returning for a new semester, contact your supervisor to re-activate your card (or fob).

Resident student access to residence halls expires on the assigned move-out date. Residents should contact housing about gaining access to the residence halls.


How do I reactivate an expired key card? 

The request to reactivate a key card must come from a supervisor or accountable officer. If you are a Supervisors or accountable officer for an employee with an expired keycard, you can submit a request online to activate the card


Why do we use key cards instead of physical keys?

Many of the doors at the USF St. Petersburg campus are equipped with an electronic locking system. This allows locks to be programmed to automatically lock and unlock on a schedule. Key cards (or fobs) provide access to secured areas. With this system, authorized users, such as the USF St. Petersburg police, can instantly implement a campus-wide "lock down" in the event of an emergency.