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Building and Room Access


A USF ID Card is required to access buildings and rooms with electronic card readers on the USF St. Petersburg campus. The entire campus has been upgraded to the latest card reader technology to allow for contactless entry with USF ID Cards that have the new smart card technology.

Using your USF ID Card For Building Access

Before using your ID Card to enter buildings and rooms, a request for access must be submitted to Campus Computing. This request must be submitted by a supervisor, accountable officer, or faculty member (for certain labs and classrooms).

Access for Faculty, Staff, Adjuncts, and Student Workers

Request access here.

If you are requesting access for multiple employees, send an email to with the information requested on the form.

Student Residents

Student residents use their USF ID Card to gain access to the Residence Halls. Residents should contact Housing and Residential Life with questions or issues accessing the buildings.

Students That Need Access In HBR

Students should work with their instructor to request access to HBR.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 This section is being updated.

What should I do if I lose my USF ID Card?


Do key cards expire?


How do I request access to additional buildings and rooms?

Please contact your supervisor to request additional access. 

What if I have a non-USF employee that needs an ID card?


Why do we use key cards instead of physical keys?

Many of the doors at the USF St. Petersburg campus are equipped with an electronic locking system. This allows locks to be programmed to automatically lock and unlock on a schedule. Key cards (or fobs) provide access to secured areas. With this system, authorized users, such as the USF St. Petersburg police, can instantly implement a campus-wide "lock down" in the event of an emergency.