Visitor/Daily Permits


This is a smartphone application that facilitates paying for parking via mobile device. A few clicks and you're done. Visitors can purchase on their device using the ParkMobile app or website. You will need to register for a free account and add your license plate number before you can park.

Please note when using the Service:

  1. Ensure that your current license plate is selected.
  2. Enter the parking zone number manually, by scanning the QR Code, or by utilizing the GPS Functionality.
  3. Click the Start Parking button to confirm and begin the transaction.
  4. ParkMobile will send an alert 15 minutes before the time expires, so you can choose to extend the period if needed.

ParkMobile FAQs

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Daily parking can be purchased through our parking portal. These permits:

  • Are valid for one day only and can be purchased in advance.
  • Provides access to all "S" designated lots on the St. Petersburg campus.

How to purchase your permit online:

  1. Create or log into your existing account. Guest Login
  2. Select Purchase Permit. Follow the instruction screens for purchasing your daily permit.
  3. A hyperlink will be provided if you wish to print the receipt for your records.
  4. This is a virtual permit, so there is no need to print and display the permit in your vehicle.

Requesting tax exemption? Tax exempt parking permits must be purchased through our office.


Permit vending machines allow you to pay for parking with one of the following credit card payments: Visa or MasterCard. Our machine is conveniently located on the 1st level of the parking garage in the elevator lobby. The permits are good for 12 hours.


There are several one-hour visitor parking spaces around the campus. A visitor may park for free for one hour in designated visitor spaces only up to three times per semester. A visitor is any person who is not a member of the university community on any of the USF campuses. Students, employees, and vendors/contractors do not qualify for visitor parking access and may be issued citations for parking in spaces designated as visitor parking only.

vendor/contractor permits

This permit is available to persons or companies that have entered into a contract with USF to provide a service, regardless of the length of the contract. The contract must be valid at the time of permit purchase. Students, employees, and affiliates do not qualify for this permit. Parking spaces may not be used for commercial solicitation or other commercial purposes without prior approval. This permit is cost-effective for vendors who come to the St. Petersburg campus on a regular basis and travel to multiple areas on campus.

  • Valid in any lot/garage designated “E or S" areas on the St. Petersburg campus. Vendor Permits are valid on the Sarasota-Manatee campus in non-reserved spaces and on Tampa campus in any lot designated "D, E, R and S".
  • Vendor permit holders may utilize designated loading/unloading zones for periods of thirty (30) minutes or less.
  • After 5:30 PM and on weekends, access is allowed in "GZ" spaces with a valid "Vendor/Contractor" permit.
  • All labeled and reserved spaces, including "R" spaces, are restricted for their intended uses at all times, 24/7.
  • Available by annual permit from July 1 - June 30. For rate please refer to Vendor-Annual.
  • Permit type is a repositionable (cling).
  • Permit is for one vehicle at a time but may be used interchangeably by employees of the registered vendor.
  • Any registered permit holder who is not in possession of their permit may obtain a courtesy permit from PATS located in Bayboro Hall 132, a maximum of three (3) times per semester.

Daily permits are also available for purchase through the online parking portal. To purchase a vendor or daily permit, register through the parking portal under "Guest, Non-Student, Vendor, and USF Department Login". Register by creating an account and choose vendor as classification.