General Permit Information

Parking permits are required to park on USF campuses 24/7. Permits from the USF St. Petersburg campus are physical permits and are the property of the University of South Florida. Individuals parking at USF have an obligation to register their vehicle(s) to their parking permit. Permits are only valid when purchased through Parking & Transportation Services (PATS). Permits may not be transferred from registrant to another vehicle operator who would otherwise be required to register their vehicle. The owner of a permit is responsible for all citations issued to any vehicle displaying their permit. Registered owners with both an automobile and a motorcycle who wish to park both on campus must have a permit for each. By obtaining a parking permit, the permit holder agrees to become familiar with and abide by the Parking Rules & Regulations.

Various permit types are used to provide equitable access to specific parking areas. Each permit type is restricted to the parking location that matches the color/label of the permit. All labeled, reserved, resident, and visitor spaces are restricted and enforced 24/7. However, some parking restrictions are lifted after 5:30 PM and on holidays, weekends, and when classes are not in session, so vehicles with Green, S, E virtual and daily permits may park in the Gold spaces and lots. Park-n-Ride (Y) and Special (SPP) permits are required to park in lot 11 at all times.

Vehicles with virtual permits from the Tampa campus and permits from Sarasota-Manatee campus may park on the St. Petersburg campus in Green designated parking lots and garage floors 2-4. Your permit will be verified in the parking system to ensure that it is current.

Any registered permit holder who is not in possession of their permit may obtain a courtesy permit from PATS located in Bayboro Hall 132, a maximum of three (3) times per semester.

Your affiliation with the university determines the type of permit that you may purchase. If there is a change in your affiliation after you have purchased your permit, it is your responsibility to notify PATS as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in the revocation of parking privileges.