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Internship program at Brewing Arts.

USF Brewing Arts students brewing their crafted recipe as part of the program. 

New paid internship program will give Brewing Arts students hands-on industry experience

By Matthew Cimitile, University Communications and Marketing

In partnership with the Tampa Bay Brewers Alliance, the Brewing Arts program at USF St. Petersburg is launching a paid internship program.

Available to nearly all students of the certificate program, the internships will provide $15 hourly pay and cover insurance costs during the 60-to-80-hour requirement at a selected brewery. Each will be designed for students to learn core skills in the art of brewing and understand business operations.

They will be fully funded by the Tampa Bay Brewers Alliance.

“I’m passionate about the experiential learning provided by these internships. They are essential in teaching the techniques and the physical work necessary to become successful in this field,” said Joe Askren, director of the USF Brewing Arts program. “It’s incredible to have an industry partner that will allow us to support our students as they master the art of brewing.”

The Brewing Arts program is a collaboration between USF’s College of Arts and Sciences and several local and national breweries. Launched in 2015, the online program covers the entire process of brewing education, from learning the base ingredients to the science and business of craft beer. 

Brewing Arts internship

It is taught by professionals and academics in the field and designed for brewers ranging from hobbyists to enthusiasts looking to make a career in the industry by working in or opening a brewery one day. The internship is an essential hands-on component of the Brewing Arts program, where students apply knowledge learned at a local brewery.

“I don’t think you can measure the value of hands-on training in both learning to do complex tasks and seeing how a commercial brewery operates, from small businesses to huge production facilities with widespread distributions,” said Sean Nordquist, executive director of the Tampa Bay Brewers Alliance. “We saw an opportunity to support not only this program and the students they train, but our local brewing community by funding these internships.”

Upon completing 23 weeks of online coursework, students can apply for a paid internship and select three breweries they hope to work at. Once matched, students are expected to learn core competencies during the internship, including storing ingredients, fermentation science, cellar management, sanitation and more. 

There are more than 20 local breweries currently participating in the Brewing Arts program. 

“I’ve always been amazed by the constant industry support we have received from the local community; from the brewers who donate their time and expertise to organizations like the Tampa Bay Brewing Alliance,” Askren said. “And that connection has been vital to our student’s success, as alumni have connections with nearly 17 breweries and counting.”

Students interested can apply to the next Brewing Arts cohort that begins on August 5, 2024. For more information, contact Joe Askren at, or visit

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