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Rec Fest Vertical Jump

Welcome to the University of South Florida St. Petersburg’s Campus Recreation Department! We're delighted to offer a wide range of equipment, fitness classes, outdoor pool access, and beautiful waterfront activities to meet your recreational needs. At Campus Recreation, we wholeheartedly support the University's mission by providing the USF St. Petersburg community with opportunities to engage in activities that promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

The majority of our staff members are students at the University of South Florida, and we take pride in supporting their development as they pursue their degrees. Grounded in student development, Campus Recreation at USF St. Petersburg employs over 75 student positoins annually. We heavily invest in their training to ensure not only an enjoyable experience for our members but also to equip students with transferable skills beneficial for their future careers.

Our commitment extends to creating a safe, fun, and inclusive environment for all. Our staff diligently uphold intentional policies and procedures designed to protect each individual member. We encourage all participants to review and adhere to our conduct guidelines. Through inclusive design, our programs and services aim to foster development in all aspects of wellness, enhancing the overall quality of life.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me or any of our dedicated staff within Campus Recreation for any questions, comments, or suggestions. We eagerly anticipate your participation, and Go Bulls!

Al Gentilini, Director


We Inspire the USF community to achieve wellness and success through our Recreation Programs and Services.


1. Student Development and Success 
  • We serve and support student success through experiential learning opportunities and recreational programs that enrich the student experience  
  • We cultivate a work environment that supports the growth of student and staff employees in a professional setting  
  • We create and strengthen a student’s sense of belonging on campus 
2. Inclusion, Diversity, and Respect  
  • We are dedicated to creating a welcoming environment that reflects the diversity and dynamic needs of the USF and surrounding community
  • We embrace people who have different ideas than our own, and will listen without prejudice, bias, or judgement
  • We recognize that individuals have different barriers to recreation and accept our role in eliminating those barriers 
3. Wellness 
  • We empower ownership of holistic well-being through cultivating healthy habits toward personal and lifelong health
4. Excellence and Innovation  
  • We strive to achieve and surpass national standards by benchmarking our practices
  • We create a culture that fosters the development of new and diverse programs and services that exceed our perceived potential
5. Intentional Collaboration  
  • We will create and sustain relationships within #OneUSF, the surrounding communities, and global partners
  • We enhance and support other USF departments by sharing resources and educational opportunities 


USF St. Petersburg is dedicated to fostering a welcoming and supportive environment where students with disabilities are not only recognized but valued for their contributions. Our faculty and staff are committed to ensuring that students with disabilities have equal access to all aspects of university life to the fullest extent possible.

We warmly invite you to explore the diverse range of programs, services, and facilities offered by Campus Recreation. Service animals and personal attendants are welcome to accompany you during your participation. If you require additional information or have questions regarding access, we encourage you to reach out to USF St. Petersburg’s Office of Student Accessibility Services.

For reasonable accommodations during Campus Recreation activities, please contact Dan Marshall at least 24 hours prior to your intended participation. You can reach Dan Marshall at 727-873-4421 or dtmarshall@usf.edu