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Workshop Information

Instructor-Led workshop: Instructor-led workshop includes lecture by Dr. Dixon and hands-on experience with the software. All data, computers and software (except ArcGIS Pro) are provided. We recommend you use your own organization's license for ArcGIS Pro during the workshop. A detailed lab manual is also provided digitally in pdf format. The workshops will be offered throughout the year, so please check our schedule for updates.  We also can customize our services to a particular skill or need, so please ask if you require something specific that you don’t see offered (i.e., criminology applications, ArcHydro, ArcGIS pro, Enterprise etc.).  Seats are limited. Workshops are offered on St. Petersburg campus of USF (PRW 118N), 9:00 – 4:00 pm with an hr for lunch break.
Self-Paced workshop: Self-paced workshops are recommended for participants who already have familiarity with ArcGIS software and have experience/formal education in the GIS field. These workshops are designed to help you learn the newer version of the software (beginner workshop)  or help you learn advanced concepts (Intermediate, Advanced and specialized application such as Environmental, Fisheries, Human Terrain Analysis, Water Resources Applications, Spatial Statistics etc). Unlike, instructor-led workshops, self-paced workshops contain no lectures. You will be provided with a lab manual in digital format along with the data that you are required to complete and submit screen captures of your maps to obtain the ‘certificate of completion’. You need to have access to the software.

The key lecturer is Dr. Barnali Dixon, a professor at USF St. Petersburg campus – please see her CV

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Workshop Payment and Registration

Prices vary by workshop length, attendee status (student, faculty, professional) and topic.

We accept cash or checks (as long as they can be drawn from a US Bank). The participant (or the legal representative of the participant) must contact Barnali Dixon to obtain an invoice no later than 21 business days before a scheduled workshop. We will not be able to process checks or cash without an invoice. See more detailed instructions for creating invoice by clicking the link below

GIS Workshop Payment Instructions

Note: There will be a $25 fee for returned checks.

Please Note: remember to mention if it is Instructor-led or Self-paced GIS workshop. Failure to mention Instructor-led may forfeit your seat.