Brewing Arts

Meet Our Faculty

Dr. Joe Askren
University of South Florida
Brewing Arts Program Director
Professor of Instruction at Muma Business College
Favorite Brew: Foeders and Sours

Jim Leonard
Subject Taught:  Water Chemistry, Science of Brewing, QA
Favorite Brew: IPA

Khristopher Johnson
Green Bench Brewing

Subject Taught: Beer Styles, Brewhouse, Fermentation Technology, Packaging
Favorite Brew: Pilsner and/or Farmhouse Table Beer

Dr. John Arthur
University of South Florida

Subject Taught:  Beer History

Jon McCracken
St. Pete Brewing Company

Subject Taught: Filtering and kegging
Favorite Brew: West coast IPA

Baron Brandstrom

Subject Taught: Dispense Engineering
Favorite Brew: Ales and Light lagers

Matthew Dahm
Mastry's Brewing Co.

Subject Taught: Securing Raw Materials, Equipment Purchasing, and Sustainability
Favorite Brew: European Style Pub Ales

Bill Carman
Great Bay Distributors

Subject Taught: Distribution
Favorite Brew: IPA's

Dr. David E. John
Northern Arizona University

Subject Taught: Microbiology
Favorite Brew: Farmhouse ales/Saison

Adam Stack
D.G. Yuengling & Son

Subject Taught: Brewing Calculations and Recipe Formulation
Favorite Brew: All styles - Favorites within each style

Desiree Chubb
Motorworks Brewing

Subject Taught: Cleaning and Sanitation, Brewery Safety and Food Safety in Beer
Favorite Brew:  Hefeweizen

Dashawn Agbonze
Industry Professional

Subjects Taught: Malt Technology and Science of Mashing

Ami Parrino
Florida Avenue Brewing

Subjects Taught: The Principles of Quality