Green Energy Fund

Application Process

There are three approaches to which any student, staff or faculty from USF St. Petersburg campus can get their project ideas funded and implemented through the Green Energy Fund. 

OPTION 1: Do you already have a Project Idea and are in need of funding?

The steps below provide guidance on how to develop your proposal and apply for funds towards your project idea.


STEP 1: Develop Your Idea. Review SGEF's mission and application criteria to assist your idea development. You can also review our grant application workshop slides or view the video recording of the same to to learn more about how to apply for SGEF funding.

STEP 2: Complete the SGEF pre-proposal application form. Once your idea is in place, the next step is to determine all the pieces that you will need to bring your idea to reality. Think of this form as checklist that ensures that you have all your ducks in a row before you start writing up your proposal document.

STEP 3: Pre-proposal application review. A team from the SGEF committee will review your pre-proposal form and contact you for any additional information needed. They will then give you the green-light to continue onto developing a full proposal.

STEP 4: Begin Your Application Process. A complete application packet should include the full proposal, a budget, a timeline and a signed administration project support form.

Contact the SGEF's project advisor ( with any questions about your application.

STEP 5: Power Point Presentation. Once you have submitted your application packet, your proposed project will be added as an item to the next SGEF meeting agenda. At the meeting you will be expected to make a Power Point Presentation providing a short overview of the project and answer questions posed by the committee.  

STEP 6: Project Approval / Denial. Upon completing your presentation, the committee will put your project to a vote and if it passes then you can proceed to step 7. Usually most projects get approved but in case of a denial the proposer is allowed to make necessary adjustments, provide answers or additional documents as suggested by the committee and then go through Step 6 again.

STEP 7: Administrative processing: The Project P.I will then work alongside SGEF's proposal advisor to coordinate any administrative paperwork such as space modification requests,  tech support, vendor identification, purchase orders etc.

STEP 8: Project Implementation & Marketing. This is the phase where your vision and plans become reality. This is the logical and practical execution of your proposal. At this point, you will also be expected to promote and create awareness about your project to the campus community. 

STEP 9: Project Closure.  This step provides assurance that a ll work has been completed. It involves handing over The Project Completion Report to the SGEF committee.

STEP 10:  Story Time. Share your project success stories with the campus community and beyond!!

OPTION 2: No Project IDEA at the moment? No problem, We got you!

Below is a list of potential / ongoing projects that need your unique skill-set.

SIGN-UP to participate in either of the projects.
Energy / Water Efficiency
  • Green Walls & Roofs Project
  • LED Retrofits on campus building
  • Solar expansion opportunities
Waste Management
  • Food Waste management
  • Development of a green purchasing guide.
Sustainable Food Production
  • Community Learning Garden
  • Bee Keeping
  • LED light installation designs for the food forest
Sustainable Transportation
  • Expanding the bike share program
  • Car share program(s) for the campus community
  • Research on the effectiveness of remote working / online classes post-Covid. Should we have a campus wide policy supporting alternative work and class schedules?
Air & Climate
  • Tree Inventory & Mapping project
Education & Outreach
  • Marketing activities to promote sustainability efforts on-campus
  • Class visits/ peer to peer coaching on sustainability
  • Tabling at on and off campus events

OPTION 3: Having a very busy schedule and not ready to commit your time to project implementation? We still want to hear your ideas!

Submit your project ideas HERE to share it with others who may be interested in picking up your idea and make it a reality.