Green Energy Fund


SGEF Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply to The Student Green Fund at USF St. Petersburg Campus

Any USF students, faculty, and staff are eligible to apply to the Green Energy Fund. Applicants are required to follow the project application process as outlined by the organization

What is the maximum/minimum amount of money my project can receive?

There is no maximum limit for projects. We have funded projects as small as $200 and others up to $100,000+

When can I apply?

Project proposals with an estimated budget greater than or equal to $5,000 should be submitted on or before November 1st in Fall and April 1st in Spring. These dates are subject to change at the discretion of the SGEF Chair and Vice Chair.

Project proposals under $5,000 may be submitted at any time and may be recommended for funding.

How is the payback determined?

All project proposals should include a preliminary payback analysis. The SGEF Committee will review the payback and will provide a final payback structure with input from the project leader. 

What if there are changes to the original scope of the proposed project during implementation?

The SGEF Committee is aware that on occasion changes to the original scope of funded project proposals are warranted given new information or findings. Approval for minor changes that do not impact the basic scope of the original proposal should be obtained from the Green Fund Chair/ Green Fund Manager. Changes that modify the original scope of the project significantly may require approval from the majority voting members.

Can I reapply for funds if I want to do my project again next year?

Yes, depending on the context of the project. In the past we have had to implement mega projects in phases. E.g. LED Retrofit in RHO  was done in two phases. If your project requires large sums of money that can not be provided at once, we encourage splitting it into smaller feasible phases and these can run for several years.

I am struggling to find a way to quantify the environmental, social and economic benefits of my project, can someone help me?

The Office of Sustainability can assist in determining the environmental, social and economic benefits of projects, and determining the environmental metric that should be used, such as metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCDE) reduced, gallons of water saved, or energy saved. 

If my project does not have direct cost savings, can I still apply?

Yes, projects will be considered both on the basis of environmental improvement, education, outreach campaigns, behavior change, as well as utility cost reduction.

If I am unsure about some of the costs, can I put estimates and then clarify those costs later?

Estimated data is acceptable, but should be indicated as such in the application.