Green Energy Fund


The Student Green Energy Fund (SGEF) is used to assist USF St. Petersburg campus in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving energy efficiency and meeting goals of the university’s Climate Action Plan by investing in alternative energy, reducing waste and improving conservation on campus. The fund directly involves students with sustainability initiatives and alternative energy projects that benefit the campus and the community.


The fund was initiated as a student-led campaign in 2007. With support from the University of South Florida Tampa’s Office of Sustainability, faculty, staff and various student organizations, the SGEF proposition was championed through the USF Board of Trustees and the Florida Board of Governors.
At USF St. Petersburg campus, SGEF is financed through a nominal student fee of $1.00 per credit hour. Students vote via a student body referendum every three years to approve initiation of the fee and affirm any subsequent modifications. The last SGEF referendum was passed in 2020 with an 79% acceptance by the USF St. Petersburg campus student body.


The Student Energy Green Fund (SGEF) is collectively administered by the SGEF Committee, which consists of 13 individuals: 12 voting members and one Chair.

The SGEF Chair convenes the committee, oversees procedural matters, and may cast a tie-breaking vote. A simple majority of voting members (seven) is required to vote on SGEF proposals and amend the SGEF By-laws. The simple majority must consist of at least three student members and at least three faculty/staff members. Vote casting by electronic means (e.g. e-mail) may be permitted as needed but is not preferred.

SGEF legally-binding documents

SGEF Bylaws are the governing rules by which the committee operates. 

Board of Governors Student Green Energy Fund Regulation. These are binding conditions to the student green energy fund as approved by the university's board of trustees.

committee Members

The Student Green Energy Fund Committee is responsible for selecting feasible proposals for funding and implementation on campus.

Members for Academic Year 2020 - 2021.

Name Title / Position Status Contact
Jewel “Min Min” Kelly Chair Student
Brianna Douglas Vice Chair Student
Jackson “Jacks” Andrew Green Fund Manager Student
Nisuka Williams Marketing/Events Officer Student
Emma Jacobs Proposal Advisor Student
Edward Lewis Construction Manager Staff
Winnie Mulamba Sustainability Planner Staff
Matt Cimitile Marketing & Comm. Officer Staff
James Ivey   Faculty
John Osegovic   Faculty
Andrea Rodriguez Campos   Student
Madison Delgado   Student



Students and non-students (faculty or staff) can nominate themselves to become participating members. They are voted on by the SGEF committee. After attending 5 meetings as a participating member, they can nominate themselves to become a newly elected voting member. Voting members must be confirmed through Student Government Campus Council before voting in the SGEF Committee.