Housing Portal

Room Change Request

Once a student moves in we ask that they take the first two weeks to settle into their new home away from home. During these first couple of weeks many things will happen, for example, each floors RA will meet with the residents of every suite to begin to draft a roommate agreement. The roommate agreement is a document drafted between roommates and RA outlining what each member of the room is comfortable or uncomfortable with allowing the students to learn to be on the same page when sharing their suite. The RA is there every step of the way to ensure there is proper mediation when coming to these agreements to make sure everyone in the room is as comfortable as possible for their upcoming school year.

If for any reason the residents of the room do not feel their space or situation is adequate once the two week period ends we open our room change request process. The room change request process is a first come first serve process where residents get the opportunity to apply for a different space that they feel may better serve their needs.  

  • It is important to note that these requests are not guaranteed and they will be based off of space available at the time of the request. Some situations may result is Residential Education staff assisting in mediation processes before a switch is actually approved. 

To complete a room change request please follow the steps below: 

  1. Visit your student housing portal
  2. Navigate to the ‘Requests’ tab. 
  3. Once on the Requests tab click on ‘Room Change Request’ and follow the steps within.