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Housing Cancellation

Filling out a Housing Application binds the student to the agreement's terms and conditions, if the student needs to cancel their agreement they must follow the steps below and ensure they are aware of the cancellation protocol that has been agreed upon. 

In order to request that your Housing Application be cancelled the student needs to: 

  • Complete the Housing Cancellation Request form. 
  • In order to access the Cancellation Request please access the housing portal
  • Allow up to 2 weeks for the request to be reviewed and confirmation to be e-mailed out to USF St. Petersburg email address. 

Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 Cancellation Protocol & Guidelines

Below you will find the cancellation portion of the student agreement for the 22-23 school year, please be aware that if a student does not fall under one or more of the addressed categories they may not be eligible for cancellation and thereby will not be released from the agreement.  

  1. CANCELLATION: Notwithstanding anything contained herein, and even when Student’s Cancellation is permitted under the terms of the Agreement, the Agreement may not be canceled without the prior written approval of the Department. Such approval will be in accordance with, and subject to, the terms and conditions of the Agreement. The Department may, within its sole discretion, deny any cancellation requests. Where cancellation of the Agreement is subject to the Cancellation fees set forth in the Agreement, any fees will be added to the Student’s financial account and will be due and owing immediately.   Non-payment of the fees may result in a Student registration hold or restriction on graduation and ability to obtain a transcript.  Late payments may also include collection fees.  Students should refer to Section III of this Agreement for more information regarding the Payment Schedule. 
    Cancellation by Department: The Department may, in accordance with applicable rules of the University, initiate reassignment or cancel the Agreement if deemed necessary by the Department in the best interest of order, health, conduct, safety, security, disaster, failure to comply with any and all University regulations, policies, or directives. 
    Cancellation Due to Non-Enrollment: The Department may cancel the Agreement for any individual whose enrollment status changes (including but not limited to a voluntary withdrawal, dismissal or change status as a Student) over the term of the Agreement.  Students whose Agreement has been cancelled will be required to vacate the residence halls within 24 hours from notification unless otherwise indicated.  Any and all cancellation fees will be charged to the Student, as applicable. 
    Cancellation Due to No Show: Students who have not properly occupied their room by 12 p.m. on the first day of classes and have not notified the Department of their late arrival may be declared “no shows” and be reassigned based on availability of bed space. If the Student is found not to be enrolled, the Student shall be charged a $1,500 cancellation fee. If the Student is enrolled, they will be charged for one-half of the charges of the Agreement (this may include any term covered by the agreement including summer, fall, and/or spring). 
    Cancellation Due to Academic Dismissal: Students who are academically dismissed by the University will not be charged a cancellation fee, provided they cancel the Agreement, vacate the Room, and complete the prescribed check out procedures at least 2 business days prior to the opening of the Residence Halls for the upcoming term. Students who are academically dismissed and complete these steps after the opening of the Residence Halls will be charged a $1,500 cancellation fee and a daily-prorated rental charge.  
    Cancellation Due to Conduct Dismissal: Students who are removed from the Residence Halls and/or dismissed from the University as a result of Student conduct sanction, or are currently a subject of an ongoing investigation by Students Conduct & Ethical Development, will be subject to all full fees set forth in the Agreement and their account will be charged full cost through the Length of the Agreement. 
    Cancellation Due to Administrative Dismissal: Students who are removed from the Residence Halls and/or dismissed from the University as a result of administrative reasons will be responsible for a daily-prorated rental charge.  
  2. Cancellation Request by Student: 
    Eligibility: The Student may request a cancellation of the Agreement if one of the following conditions is met (documentation will be required): 
    1. The Student has not been assigned a Space; 
    2. Non-Enrolled Student: 
      1. The Student graduates and does not continue in another USF program  
      2. The Student receives military order for active duty  
      3. The Student has a USF medical withdrawal  
      4. The Student withdraws and is no longer enrolled at USF  

    3. The Student participates in an academic program that requires residence outside Pinellas County; 
    4. The Student participates in a USF sponsored and/or approved study abroad program; 
    5. The Student transfers to USF residence hall in Tampa and secures a USF Student Housing Agreement for a hall in Tampa; 
    6. The Student is married during the term of the Agreement; 
      Procedure: Eligible Students, as defined in this section, may request the cancellation of the Agreement.  The Eligible Student must submit a written request via the 2021-22 Student Housing Cancellation Request Form (available in the Housing Portal under Requests) indicating which of the conditions set forth in this section applies and provide the required documentation.  Requests for cancellation over the phone, in-person, or via email will not be accepted. 
      1. Cancellation Request without Assignment: Any cancellation request received before an assignment is made will be approved with no fee.  Please note that the non-refundable Application Fee will not be refunded 
      2. Cancellation Request Due to Graduation:  A Student may cancel their Agreement and will not be charged a cancellation fee provided that the following conditions are met: (1) the Student is no longer registered for any academic program, degree-seeking or not, at the University and (2) completes the room check-out process for term in which graduation occurs.  Failure to properly check-out of the Space may result in cancellation fees being charged to the Student. 
      3. Cancellation Request Due to Non-Enrollment: A Student, who receives an assignment prior to the opening of the Residence Halls and cancels for non-enrollment, shall be considered a No-Show Cancellation (see Section IV.1.b).  A Student, who receives an assignment and has their courses dropped for any reason after the opening of the Residence Halls, shall have their agreement cancelled, charged a daily pro-rated rent, and one half of the remaining rent on the Agreement. 
      4. Cancellation Request Due to Deferred Admission/Enrollment Status:  A Student, who has received an assignment and cancels their application due to an approved deferred enrollment request, may be charged a cancellation fee in accordance with Section IV.2.k.  If the Student enrolls in the approved term, submits an application to live on-campus, and assumes occupancy of the room, then the Student shall have the cancellation fee credited to their OASIS account and the hold lift.  The original application fee will not be applied towards the new application. 
      5. Cancellation Request Due to Military Orders:  A Student, who receives lawful orders to report to a branch of the U.S. Armed Services, shall be permitted to cancel their Agreement without a cancellation fee provided that the following conditions are met: (1) the orders were received after the Student moved into the Residence Halls and (2) the order require the Student to report for duty prior to the end of the semester in which the order were received.  The Student will be charged a pro-rated rental rate for the time of occupancy.  
      6. Cancellation Request Due to a Medical Withdrawal: The Student must provide a medical withdrawal that has been accepted and approved by the University in order to be considered for a cancellation due to a medical issue. Medical withdrawal terminates the Agreement for any semesters commencing after the medical withdrawal date, and the Student will receive a credit for a portion of the rent for the semester the Student withdraws for medical reasons, based upon the Student’s move out date.  
      7. Cancellation Request Due to Campus Change (Tampa/St. Petersburg): Student may submit a request for Cancellation along with proof of an active Agreement for the equivalent term for the campus to which they are transferring (destination campus).  Any Student submitting a Cancellation request after the University’s add/drop period (5:01 p.m. EST of the first Friday of the semester) will be consider for a cancellation at the start of the Spring semester.  If the Student is transitioning to a USF residence hall in Tampa or St. Petersburg in the Spring and moves out of their current assignment at the end of the Fall term, then the Student shall be released from the current Agreement at the conclusion of the term without penalty when both of the following conditions are met: (1) a current housing application and requirements have been submitted to the destination Housing Department within 3 business days of the approved cancellation request and (2) the Student assumes Occupancy of the assigned space at the destination location.   
      8. Cancellation Request Due to Marriage:  The University does not provide student housing for families.  A Student may submit a cancellation request due to marriage when a legal union occurs during the period of the Agreement.  The Student shall be charged the appropriate cancellation fee as outlined in the Agreement (Section IV.2.k).  Upon submitting the cancellation request, the Student must submit a copy of the marriage license as a supporting document to process the cancellation request. 
      9. Cancellation Request Due to Consideration of Extenuating, Unforeseen Circumstances: A Student may submit a Cancellation request for consideration of extenuating, unforeseen circumstances that have developed since the Agreement was executed.  The student must submit all supporting documentation to have this Cancellation Request considered.  If the cancellation of the Agreement is approved, the Student will be subject to posted fees.  If the cancellation of the Agreement is approved after Student has checked into the residence halls, Student will be responsible for a prorated fee for time assigned to the room, plus one-half of the remaining charges on the Agreement (this may include fall and/or spring charges).  
      10. Cancellation Fee Chart and Policy: Fees will be assessed as follows and are dependent on the status of the applicant in the assignment process, the reason for the cancellation, and the time of the cancellation effective date.  
        Status in
        Oct. 1, 2021 –
        May 1, 2022
        No Charge
        May 2, 2022 –
        June 1, 2022
        June 2, 2022 –
        July 1, 2022
        July 2, 2022 –
        Aug. 1, 2022
        Aug. 2, 2022 –
        Aug. 19, 2022
        After August 19, 2022 Half the Remaining
        Charges for the Agreement
    Appeals:  Student may submit to the Department an appeal regarding the application of the Agreement if there is additional relevant information to be considered or if additional documentation supporting change in circumstances is provided.  Appeals must be submitted in writing using the Appeal Form (located in the Housing Portal under Requests). Appeals are reviewed by the Appeals Officer/Committee.  Appeals are not to be given or heard verbally.   Decisions by the Appeals Officer/ Committee are final and cannot be further appealed. 


Table Caption

Status in Assignment Process

March 1, 2022 – April 15, 2022

April 16, 2022 – May 1, 2022

May 2, 2022 –May 15, 2022

After May 15, 2022



No Charge







 $500 Half the Remaining Charges for the Agreement