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Housing Standby List and Agreement

What is a Housing Standby List?

The Standby List is a waitlist for students who were unable to apply for housing before our applications closed but are still interested in participating in the residential experience if a space becomes available


How do I get put on the Standby List?

In order to be put on the Standby List, you will need to complete the standby form located on the home page of your student Housing Portal.

What if I don’t get housing before move-in?

Students can remove themselves from the Standby List at any time prior to getting a room assignment. If move-in arrives and a standby student has still not been placed into a room, they will get the option to remain on the list or remove themselves from it without penalty.

Do I need to submit an application and a standby form?

No, the standby form will serve as your student housing agreement if you are given a room assignment.

Will I owe a cancellation fee if I no longer wish to be on the Standby List?

If you opt to remove yourself from standby before you have been placed, you will be released without cancellation fee or penalty. However, if you are awarded a room before you attempt to opt out of the Standby List then you will be held to all contractual terms and conditions.

How will I know if I have been given a room while on the Standby List?

Once you have received a room assignment, our system will generate an automatic email to your @USF email address outlining where you have been assigned and how to check your roommate information. You may also check for this information in your Housing Portal.