Housing and Dining

Move-Out Information


The close of the Fall semester is fast approaching and there are several important things you must complete before you leave. It is very important that you follow these procedures. If you have any questions, please contact your RA or a member of the Housing and Residential Education staff. 


Residence halls close at 11:00 am on Friday, December 8, 2023.  

1. All residents must vacate the halls unless you are approved for break stay housing. 

  • All electrical cords, including aquariums, must be unplugged. You will NOT need to unplug your University-owned common room refrigerator, microwave, or oven if you live in RHO, but be sure to remove any perishable food items.
  • Turn off lights.
  • Empty trash into dumpsters.
  • You may leave personal belongings over break at no charge, however, it is suggested that you remove all personal items from the floor in case of any type of water leak.
  • Lock your bedroom door (don’t forget your keys!), and take your valuables home as there will be no reentry after move out.
  • All students must depart the residence halls within 24 hours after their last exam and before December 11th at 11AM. Any students failing to vacate the residence hall by this time will be subject to a fine after 11:00AM. 
  1. If your roommate is not returning or you are currently without a roommate, please make sure that the bed, closet, desk and dresser space is cleared for your potential new roommate.  Housing and Residential Education staff will be around to check the space.
  2. Residence halls will re-open the week of January 6. Please sign up for a check in time in the student housing portal.  
  3. Once the residence halls close all exterior entrance doors will be inaccessible.  There will be no re-entry to the residence halls during the break period. **If you are in need of Break Stay housing please follow the steps posted on our website**
  4. Return all silverware & dishes that you may have accidentally brought to your room from the Reef, any items found in your room will be charges to your account.
  5. Good Luck on Finals! 


If you are discarding large items like rugs, personal furniture, boxes, large trash bags…PLEASE take these items to the dumpster.  

Please DO NOT leave trash in the hallways.  

The residence halls do NOT provide any storage. 

If you have additional questions about check-out, please contact your RA or reply to this email stp-housing@usf.edu.