Office of Veteran Success at the Military and Veterans Success Center

Message from the Assistant Director

Hi. I’m Wayne Taylor, the Assistant Director of Veterans Services and Coordinator of the USF St. Petersburg Military and Veterans Success Center (MVSC). Please allow me to take a moment to welcome you home! I am an Army Veteran who has spent the last 28 years of my life in service to this great nation. I retired from the Army in 2012, and after several years working on the corporate side of the defense industry, I found that I was missing that sense of purpose military service provides.

As I attempted to re-discover that sense of purpose, I found myself applying to the university from which both my daughters graduated. After applying, I experienced the challenges of navigating the VA education benefit system as well as the sense of transition into a “non-military” setting. Because of the difficulties that my daughters and I navigated, I am dedicated to assisting our service members and their families who decide to attend USF St. Petersburg.

This is our primary mission at the MVSC: to provide a seamless transition for our nation’s veterans from military to collegiate life by enhancing personal development and academic success. The center is your conduit for the resources necessary to accomplish this goal. Whether you are a veteran, a service member, a spouse, son, or daughter, I encourage you to stop in to see what we offer, invite you to join our family, and welcome you home!

Thank you for all the support you provide, and a special thanks to all our student Veterans at USF St. Petersburg!!