Global Business

Undergraduate Major

Many firms face difficult challenges due to differences in country-specific cultural, economic, political, technological, regulatory and organizational contexts. The Global Business major provides students with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to navigate these challenges and develop successful careers in the global business environment.


The Muma College of Business offers a B.A. in Global Business on the St. Petersburg campus.
View more information about options on the USF Tampa campus.


Global Business refers to business that is conducted across national borders. To ensure students are well prepared to thrive in multi-cultural environments, the Global Business program is unique in that it combines preparation in business administration with language studies and a culturally meaningful overseas work or study experience.

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This degree program also offers four unique concentrations for students to further their studies in. They include:

  • Global Business with Business Analytics and Information Systems Concentration with a coursework focus in systems analysis, database design and global information systems.
  • Global Business with Finance Concentration with a coursework focus in principles of investments, international finance and financial institutions and markets.
  • Global Business with Management Concentration with a coursework focus in organizational behavior, human resource management and business response to global environmental problems.
  • Global Business with Marketing Concentration with a coursework focus in marketing research, digital marketing and international marketing.

With this unique and well-rounded preparation, graduates of this program find employment in many manufacturing, service or knowledge-based industries with global markets, global suppliers, global sources of finance and/or a globally diverse workforce.


Always refer to the Undergraduate Catalog for degree requirements. Students will normally begin progress toward the major by taking at least one course from the major core, as these often serve as prerequisites for the electives. Students are urged to consult with the Global Business advisor to create the most beneficial set of courses.


For questions about this program, contact an Academic Advisor.