Computational and Applied Mathematics

Undergraduate Major

Diverse fields such as engineering, biology, economics and many more rely on the principles inherent in math. The Mathematics program offers a diversity of courses designed not only to enable the student to pursue a profession in mathematics, but also to enhance the student’s competence in such fields. The program emphasizes the broad nature of modern mathematics and statistics and their close associations with the real world.


The College of Arts and Sciences offers a B.S. in Computational & Applied Mathematics, with concentrations in Data Analytics & Business Intelligence and in Pure Mathematics on the St. Petersburg campus.

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The Mathematics program on the USF St. Petersburg campus will prepare graduates for careers in mathematics, statistics, data analytics and other fields which rely on employees with excellent quantitative skills. The coursework is designed to prepare students for entry into graduate school or careers in industry or secondary education.

A student sitting at a desk looking at an open notebook with a group of students and an instructor in the background

Students on the St. Petersburg campus can focus on two different concentration paths during their studies. The Data Analytics & Business Intelligence concentration prepares graduates for careers in mathematics, statistics, data analytics and other fields. Graduates may be employed in a wide array of industries including aerospace, finance, computing, data science, finance, medical device development and many others. While the Pure Mathematics concentration is designed for majors whose interests span applications and theoretical aspects of mathematics. Students that complete this concentration will be exposed to a variety of topics to help prepare the student for future endeavors in all aspects of mathematics.

The department also offers a Mathematics minor, which emphasizes the broad nature of modern mathematics and is open to all students, except those majoring in statistics. Students with majors in the sciences, engineering, business and the social sciences are particularly encouraged to pursue the mathematics minor.


Always refer to the Undergraduate Catalog for degree requirements. Students will normally begin progress toward the major by taking at least one course from the major core, as these often serve as prerequisites for the electives. Students are urged to consult with the mathematics advisor to create the most beneficial set of courses.


For questions about this program, contact an Academic Advisor.