Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

Undergraduate Major

Combining coursework and developing multiple skillsets to tackle real-world problems, the Interdisciplinary Social Science (ISS) program equips students to address multifaceted issues of a modern world. Students will receive a broad foundation in the social sciences, creating opportunities for more in-depth research on selected topics tailored towards a student's interests. ISS majors develop the ability to synthesize the knowledge and tools of these traditional disciplines to examine and analyze social issues in new ways.


The College of Arts and Sciences offers a B.A in Interdisciplinary Social Science on the St. Petersburg campus.

View more information about options on the USF Tampa and Sarasota-Manatee campuses.

Interdisciplinary social sciences AT USF ST. PETERSBURG

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Students enrolled in this rigorous program work with their advisors to develop a unique course of study on specific societal issues. The structure of the ISS degree allows students to integrate courses from two disciplines, which bring different perspectives, methods and theoretical approaches to a topic or social issue. Strong writers and researchers will excel in this intensive program.

ISS faculty expertise include sociology, geography and anthropology. Specific areas of research range from racial disparities in health to community engagement in environmental issues. Students have the opportunity to participate in faculty research as well as seek professional development at conferences, allowing them to develop connections and gain a leg up in the workforce or grad school. 

Upon completion of the program, ISS graduates are prepared for the holistic problem solving required in the public and private sector (business, government, legal and non-profit), as well as further study in graduate or professional school in a variety of fields.


Always refer to the Undergraduate Catalog for degree requirements. Students will normally begin progress toward the major by taking at least one course from the major core, as these often serve as prerequisites for the electives. Students are urged to consult with the ISS advisor to create the most beneficial set of courses.


For questions about this program, contact an Academic Advisor.