Undergraduate Major

Economics is the science that deals with the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. The field provides an understanding of how individuals and organizations make decisions on allocating their resources. Data gathered from economic activities are collected and analyzed to offer clear and logical ways of thinking about a host of complicated issues such as unemployment, inflation, international trade, governmental regulations, health care, urban development, environmental degradation and more.


The College of Arts and Sciences offers a B.A. in Economics on the St. Petersburg campus.

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The work of economists helps to educate and inform the decisions of consumers, businesses and public policy makers. The economics curriculum at the USF St. Petersburg campus trains students to properly collect, analyze and present data that supports economic and business decisions. Classes focus on economic theory and critical thinking skills to train students to analyze and investigate real world economic problems.


Faculty research delves into a wide range of issues in the field, such as environmental economics, health economics and policy, economic development, public finance and economic impact of arts and culture. Students have opportunities for a variety of internships at many public and private sector organizations across the Tampa Bay region. Students are able to tailor their degree program to better prepare them for their desired careers in business, teaching, government or law. For example, a number of economic classes taught at the St. Petersburg campus also go towards the Sustainability Studies program.
Graduates have applied skills learned through the Economics program to go onto careers in the private sector that improve business outcomes through better decision making and in the public sector to develop more effective government policies.


Always refer to the Undergraduate Catalog for degree requirements. Students will normally begin progress toward the major by taking at least one course from the major core, as these often serve as prerequisites for the electives. Students are urged to consult with the Economics advisor to create the most beneficial set of courses.


For questions about this program, contact an Academic Advisor.