SOS Services

The SOS office provides varying levels of direct and indirect care coordination services. Case managers meet with the student as frequently or infrequently as desired by the student or required by SOCAT. The platform of care coordination services can be implemented in-person, telephone or Skype (as approved). SOS staff support students using a strengths base and brokerage models focusing on ensuring student success through facilitating individual connection with appropriate resources to address the students identified need(s) to reduce the student’s stress.

Case management services provided by the office primarily include:

Initial Screening

Initial screening is a student direct-care holistic assessment intended to gather information about what are areas of the student’s life might be impacting their ability to be academically success and/or the overall health and wellness. The initial screening is required for all case management services.

Check-in Appointment

Check-in appointment(s) occur after the initial screening. It is a follow up meeting with the student for continued support through collaboratively working with the student to accomplish the student’s goals to reduce barriers and stress impacting the students overall health and wellness.

Post-Hospital Return to Class

A Post-Hospital appointments, involving behavioral health admission, is a USF systems requirement for all students under USFP system policy USF6.0163 “SOCAT Health and Wellness Interventions”. Case managers will ensure the student has proper supports in place to transition back to classes smoothly. This can include letters to the students professors and connection with mental health providers to ensure connection with appropriate resources.

Follow-up Monitoring

Follow-up monitoring plan is a non-direct service with a goal of monitor the student’s success for two consecutive active semesters post referral. This is completed electronically by sending Check-in emails to the student, monitoring mid-term/final grades to access for risk factors of academic decline, and check for registration. In addition, CM might also check-in with active providers (if authorized under HIPPA/FERPA guidelines); wellness center, wellness coaching, and Housing Residential Life staff to assess the student overall wellness.

Auxiliary Office services available to the campus:

Referral Consultation

Provide consultation with campus partner(s) as needed to refer a student identified in need of support. Consultation aimed at ensure the most appropriate referral is made and to support the campus partner(s) in caring for the campus body.

Training & Education

Provides department specific training and tabling education on areas of department expertise such as; SOS/SOCAT overview, when to refer, recognizing distressing behaviors, and etc.

Collaborative Programming

Collaborates with campus partners, as requested, to participate in training, education, and event(s) appropriate to the scope of the office geared as cultivating a community of caring at the USF St. Petersburg campus.

Campus Incident Support

Provides post-incident support across campus. This services might include a collaboration with campus partner for a candlelight vigil post a traumatic event, talk to students in a course (by request of professor/dean) after a classroom disruption, or assist in campus efforts in planning and preparation of an incoming weather disaster.