Make a Referral

What to Expect

SOS reviews all referrals once daily, Monday-Friday and SOCAT meets every Wednesday.

Once your referral is received, SOS will review it to assess the level of concern and to develop an action plan appropriate to that level of concern. The action plan may include the following steps:

  1. Outreach to the Student: SOS staff will call, email, and text students to explain the SOS services and to offer an appointment with a case manager in the office.
  2. Consultation with campus partners: SOS staff work in conjunction with various campus and community resources and will consult with treatment providers, support resources, and other sources of information to ensure that the student is receiving holistic care and that SOS and SOCAT have all relevant information.
  3. Meetings with the Student: SOS staff will meet with the student to conduct a holistic assessment. The case manager will assess the student’s needs in a variety of categories and will connect them with the appropriate resources to meet these needs.
  4. Connection and Follow Up: SOS case managers will help the student remain engaged in supportive resources and will offer follow up case management services to assist in reducing their stressors over time.
  5. Communication to the Referral Source: If the referral source is a University employee, they will receive an update within 2 weeks of submitting the referral to provide an update on whether or not we have met with the student. As the referral source, you are also welcome to call the office to follow up on your referral or to submit another referral to provide additional information.