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The behavioral intervention team is known on the St. Petersburg campus as Support, Outreach and Care Action Team (SOCAT). This team serves in an administrative capacity providing non-direct student support. Together the members review referrals, advises SOS in the development of student action plan for success. The team posses the authority to;

  • Require the students participation with SOS services
  • involuntarily withdrawal a student from courses
  • mandate a psychological assessment
  • Place a Health and Wellness Hold on the students oasis account

Membership is categorized and comprised of:




  • Committee Chair
  • USF World
  • The Dean of Students
  • SOS Case Manager
  • Financial Aid Office
  • Regional Vice Chancellor of Student Success
  • Wellness Center
  • Office of Veteran Success
  • University Police Department
  • Student Support Services
  • Student Conduct and Ethical Development
  • Title IX Office
  • Housing and Residence Life
  • Registrars Office
  • Academic Advising
  • Victims Advocate
  • Student Accessibility Services
  • Office of Graduate Studies

For contact and location information, see About SOCAT