Campus Visitation

Major Celebration



We're kicking off Major Celebration with a welcome video from Dean Michael, Dean Walker, and Dean Sundaram! They share what makes each of their colleges unique and offer a welcome message to their students. 

Major Myth Busters:

You've probably heard all kinds of things about certain majors - STEM makes the most money, liberal arts majors aren't employable, and your major dictates your career. Follow along on our Instagram stories to debunk these popular myths! Check it out here on our instagram.

Buzzfeed quiz:

Need some ideas for your dream job? We made a Buzzfeed quiz to help you out! (Spoiler alert: there is no perfect career path - thankfully, the Career Center is an amazing resource for you to figure out what's the best path for YOU!) Click here to access the Buzzfeed quiz.

Random advice generator:

Have you ever wondered how you're supposed to have your life figured out by the time you graduate? News flash: you don't! Spin the wheel to get some words of wisdom from people that have been exactly where you're at right now - it's full of insight that we wish we had in college.

We hope you had an amazing day celebrating your major! There is a chance for a special prize - just fill out this form and we'll mail you a pair of USF socks!