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Compass Adventures



Venture outside with Compass for an Adventure!

As the weather cools down, we want to see your favorite outdoor activities - bonus points if they include the water! 

Head to the Boathouse to check out a kayak or paddle board – or dive into the pool on campus! More of a beach person? Great! Send us a photo of your favorite sandy spot. And if you’re not currently living in the Sunshine State, we want to see what it looks like where you live - is it snowing? Are you surrounded by mountains? Let's see! 

Looking for someone to adventure with you? Your Peer Coach is a great resource – they can connect you with another student with similar interests! Reach out to Brandi Arnold at if you’re not sure who your Peer Coach is.  

We want to see how you’re adventuring! We’ll have a prize for each month – and everyone who participates will be entered into a drawing to win. To participate via social media, post a photo of the Compass Adventure, tag @compassusfsp, and use the hashtag #compassadventureusf. If you’re not big on social media, no problem! Just email your photo to or