Feeding Success Food Drive

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Feeding Success Food Drive is a competitive race between all teams. St. Petersburg community members can donate to a team of their choice at any donation location. The winner at the end of the food drive will be the holder of the Golden Can Trophy for the year (Additional rewards if a student org, success office, or residential hall wins).

2nd Annual is coming Fall 2022.


  • Pelican Building
  • Osprey Building
  • Student Organizations*
  • Student Success Office*
  • Students at Large
  • Alumni
    *By choice and require an initial donation to enter the race as your org/department

 Making a Donation

Donations can be made at any of the approved sites listed. At location sites bags will be provided to separate donations. Donations slips will also be provided at donation sites. Please complete a donation slip for each donation you submit on behalf of your team.

Donation Rules

All donations made must;

  • All food items must be non-perishable
  • Food items cannot be expired or opened
  • Canned items must be free of major dents
  • Food items must be packaged in original packaging and have original label

Donations without a donations slip will be a default donation to the Students at Large team. All donations will be collected, weighed, sanitized, inspected by pantry staff post-donation pick-up.

*** Donations made that violate these rules will be discarded and not counted in weight toward your team.

Bonus Points Donation

Teams have the opportunity to gain additional weight with their contributions of high-need pantry items in their donations.

High-need Items

  • Menstrual Products (3 pounds for each unit item)
  • Pasta (1 additional pound per unit)
  • Canned Soups (1 additional pound per 4 cans of soup)
  • Breakfast bars (1 additional pound per unit)
  • Rice (double what the weight is of the unit) 

**Bonus weights will be added to the teams total weight but will not be reflected in actual food accepted by Support-A-Bull Market for accurate auditing purposes. 

Donation Locations

UPD Lobby

530 3rd St S, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Piano Man Building (PNM)

140 7th Ave S, PNM 101a, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

USC Information Desk

200 6th Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Residence Hall* 

  • Osprey*
  • Pelician* 

*Residential student donation sites only.


Alternative Ways To Donate

Cant make it to campus to donate?  Dont worry you can donate via our Amazon wishlist or via a financial donation link with USF Foundaiton.

Amazon Wishlist

Be sure to put your teams name in the comment section of the order. Orders recieved without a teams name will be donated to the Students at Large Team.

USF Foundation

Be sure to your team name in the comment section of your donation form.

Contest packet

Download you contest packet.