Family Resources

Cash, Medicaid, and Foodstamps

Once a child has been placed in your temporary custody through the court it is vital that you apply for the appropriate programs needed for services to the child(ren). In Florida, you are able to apply for any and all of the above-mentioned services and the Department of Children and Families will determine your eligibility of the service you apply for.

Bag full of groceries with the text food stamps over it

In order to apply to any of the programs listed above, you will need to go to the Access Florida website at

You may apply for assistance from a computer or complete a paper application that will need to be submitted either by fax, by mail, through the website application process or you may complete the application and return it to your local Customer Service Center.

The website will only help you check to see if you’re eligible, you will need to apply to the programs in order to receive a final determination.   Once you’ve completed the Am I Eligible section, you will need to clink on the link that says Apply for Benefits.   Once you begin, the site offers a step by step guide to assist you in applying.  If you have problems when completing the application online you are directed to call the Customer Care Center at 850-300-4323 or 1-866-762-2237 (toll free) during business hours.  The website indicates that you should allow at least two weeks before you call to check on the status of your application.  The Dept. of Children and Families runs this website and will keep your information safe and private.