Grants & Initiatives

Baby Talk

Within My Reach
Strengthening relationships between family members to create safe and supportive households.

Zero to Three
Supporting Fathers and Mothers as Coparents; The Next Frontier for Infant and Toddler Mental Health

Figuring It Out for the Child (FIOC)
Father and mother connect as a parenting team


Engaging Fathers in Home Visiting Services
The importance of involving fathers in home visiting programs, biases that may disrupt home visitors’ work with men, and steps home visitors can take towards better engaging fathers.

Promoting Coparenting Alliances Between Biological and Foster Families to Strengthen Child Adjustment: Parent2Parent Initiative
(Just in Time Florida Training Video)

For the Quality Parenting Initiative: The Importance of Quality Early Education in the Child Welfare System (Considerations from an Attachment and Coparenting Framework)

For DCF’s Project Launch: IFMH Concepts and Considerations

Publications & ARticles

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