Success Advocates

Mission and Objectives

The Success Advocates are dedicated to serving undergraduate students in their pursuit of timely progression to graduation. We work individually with students in academic distress to review their options, and we collaborate with academic departments, colleges, and university personnel to improve retention and progression to graduation. Undergraduate students identified as experiencing barriers to retention, progression or graduation will receive direct outreach from their Success Advocate to review their progress and to support them towards graduation. Our team focuses on identifying and elevating trends regarding our student’s college experience. We utilize various technology platforms, like OAA SMART and Archivum Insights, to monitor student progress and connect proactively with students.


The Success Advocates support USF St. Petersburg campus undergraduate students who face academic challenges that may impact retention and graduation.


  • A minimum first year retention rate for First Time in College (FTIC) students of 91%
  • A minimum Academic Progress Rate (APR) based on students retained with 2.0 GPA or better
  • A minimum four-year graduation rate of undergraduate students of 63%
  • A minimum six-year graduation rate for undergraduate students of 75% and a four-year graduation rate of undergraduate students of 63%.
  • A minimum three-year graduation rate for transfer undergraduate students of 62%