Success Advocates


Whether a student in your course is having academic difficulty or shows signs of disturbing behavior, there are multiple paths to get the student the help they need and simultaneously alert others on campus who may be able to assist. Please see below for a list of intervention options and suggestions for when each option should be used.

The Success Advocacy Team can serve as a sounding board if you need advice on how to handle a student issue or want to get help for a student who is having difficulties in your course. Please note the below guidelines for social concerns vs. academic concerns.

  • For academic concerns please complete the Academic Referral Form below. Success Advocates monitor this form and will respond to support students.
  • For concerns where they are both social and academic concerns please complete the academic referral form, the team will ensure the student receives individualized support that reflects their needs.
  • Please note that the Success Advocate will not send a confirmation of outreach to the person who submitted the referral. However, the Success Advocate may reach out to the person who submitted the referral if there is a need for additional information or context. Please contact with any concerns.

Example of an appropriate referral:

“This student is highly involved on campus and attends many of my office’s events. During one of these events the student disclosed that they are struggling to manage their time and that their grades are starting to slip. I let them know about a few campus resources and notified them that I would submit a referral on their behalf to the Success Advocates.”

Academic Referral Form

The Student Outreach and Care Action Team (SOCAT) works with students who may be distressed or whose behavior is of concern to others. SOCAT was established as a way to provide support and assistance to a student before more significant problems arise. SOCAT’s focus is to help offer supportive intervention and guidance to any USF St. Petersburg student who is struggling. The goal is to help the student focus on academic success, avert more serious difficulties, and ensure the safety of both the student and the USF St. Petersburg community. Convened by the Dean of Students, the USF St. Petersburg Student of Concern Assistance Team includes members from the Campus Police, Wellness Center, Academic Advising, Student Disabilities, Housing and Residence Life, and others as needed.

SOCAT Referral Form