Success Advocates


If you are a faculty member, please utilize the “Refer a Student” tab on Canvas to submit a referral.

Success Advocates will respond to the referral in Archivum by sending outreach to the student who was referred. Please note that the Success Advocate will not send a confirmation of outreach to the person who submitted the referral.

However, the Success Advocate may reach out to the person who submitted the referral if there is a need for additional information or context. Please contact with any concerns.

Example of an appropriate referral:

“This student was doing great in my course for the first few weeks of the semester but has not submitted assignments in my class in two weeks. I reached out to the student out of concern and found out that the student is struggling with time management as a first-year college student. I gave the student a few pointers and let the student know that I was placing a referral to the Success Advocates and that you would be in contact.”


❑ An explanation of the student’s issue

❑ What the referrer has already done to address the issues

❑ What outcome they are hoping for the Advocate to accomplish

❑ Notified the student of your concerns and of your referral to the Success Advocates