Success Advocates


Success Advocates are full-time staff who provide personalized support and coaching to help you meet goals and overcome challenges. We serve as your on-campus advocate and accountability partners for academic success. We also work closely alongside our campus partners to connect you to the appropriate resources. Please note that Success Advocates do not provide counseling or therapy and are not a confidential campus resource.

Students- Schedule an Appointment

Make sure to schedule an appointment and meet with your Success Advocate. Learn more about who your Advocate is and how to schedule a meeting.


If you are a faculty member, please utilize the “Refer a Student” tab on Canvas to submit a referral. Success Advocates will respond to the referral in Archivum by sending outreach to the student who was referred. Please note that the Success Advocate will not send a confirmation of outreach to the person who submitted the referral.


Whether a student in your course is having academic difficulty or shows signs of disturbing behavior, there are multiple paths to get the student the help they need and simultaneously alert others on campus who may be able to assist.