Registration Errors


Pre-requisite: If you are attempting to register for a course and  have not completed the required prerequisite course with appropriate grade or have high enough standardized test scores to be eligible to take requested course.  If you think you have met the prerequisite, please fill out: Registration Error Form

Co-requisite:  This is commonly seen in science courses which require separate laboratory registration.  If you have passed either the lecture or lab and need to take one by itself, please fill out: Registration Error Form

College/Field of Study restriction:  Some courses are reserved for students with a specific major or who are admitted into a specific college.  If the course requested is required for your current major, please fill out: Registration Error Form

Class restriction:  Courses reserved for students who are part of a specific class standing.  Class standings are based on credit hours earned: Freshmen (0-29), Sophomore (30-59), Junior (60-89), and Seniors (90+).

Permits: Permits are not to be confused with the above error types.  Students that need a permit for a course should request the permit via email from the instructor of the course. For example, this could be an internship course or a study abroad course. Consult the Faculty Directory for email address. The email should include the student’s U-number and the CRN (Course Reference Number).

Closed Section: Closed section overrides are overrides that are issued to students which allow them to enroll in courses that are already at maximum enrollment capacity. These are issued with instructor permission, and can only be granted if a classroom has not reached its maximum fire code capacity. If you are a student wishing to obtain this override, please email the instructor of record. Consult the Faculty Directory for email address. Include your U-number and the 5-digit CRN (Course Reference Number). If approved, the faculty member should then request the override from the respective Academic Program Specialist.

Program Area Academic Program Specialist
(degree programs in Biology, Health Sciences & Math)
Amanda Post
Psychology, Society, Culture and Language
(degree programs in Psychology, Anthropology, Criminology,
Forensic Studies, Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, and World Languages)

Reid Lesperance


History and Politics
(degree programs in History, Political Science and Honors Program)

Charlotte Johnson

Journalism and Media Studies
(degree programs in Journalism and Media Studies)
Casey Peterson
Verbal & Visual Arts
(degree programs in Graphic Arts and English Literature & Writing)
Charlotte Johnson
Other degree programs and/or disciplines
(including Environmental Science, Geography, and Chemistry)
Dean Michael and/or Associate Dean Susan Toler