Academic Advisors in Each College  

Academic advisors by major are located in each College.  Advisors assist undergraduate students in understanding major academic requirements, policies, and develop an educational plan consistent with major and life goals.

Active students can make an advising appointment in Archivum with the assigned major advisor at MyUSF > Business Systems > Archivum > Student Dashboard > Appointment Scheduling. 

Note: When making an in-person appointment, please make sure to review the office location before you attend the appointment.

College of the Arts, Harbor Hall (HBR) 129

Graphic Arts

College of Arts & Sciences, Davis Hall (DAV) 287

Economics, Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Digital Communication & Multimedia Journalism

  • Dr. Joan Eldridge, Assistant Director CAS Advising/Advisor (DAV 206)
  • Amanda Timmers-Bonvallet, Sr. Academic Advisor, (DAV 212)

Anthropology, English, PTC, History, Political Science, Psychology

Biology, Marine Biology, Environmental Chemistry, Mathematics, Sustainability Studies, Geography & GIS, Environmental Science & Policy, Pre-Professional Sciences

College of Behavioral & Community Sciences, Davis Hall (DAV) 134

Criminology, Forensic Studies and Justice

College of Education, H. William Heller Hall (HWH) 201

Education, Educational Studies

College of Public Health, Davis Hall (DAV) 134

Health Sciences

MUMA College of Business Kate Tiedemann School of Business & Finance, 
Lynn Pippenger Hall (LPH) 117

Declared Business Majors – (minimum of 60 semester hours of college credit earned and academic requirements met as listed in the USF catalog). 

Pre-business majors –  Student designated as a “Pre” business major and not fully declared. Declared Business majors must meet a minimum of 60 semester hours of college credit earned and academic requirements as listed in the USF catalog.

Pre-business major Advisor (s):

Online Accounting: